Attributesfor a Successful Healthcare Project Manager

Fora healthcare project manager to be successful, there are someattributes that are very critical. One of the attributes is that theproject manager must serve as a gatekeeper for the rest of theproject team. Through serving as a gatekeeper for the rest of theproject team, he/ she will be capable of mitigating outsidehindrances such as additions to work loads. In a healthcare setting,addition workloads have the effect of reducing the morale ofemployees, which subsequently undermines the success of healthcareproject since the employees do not have the morale of completingassignments as required. Another attribute of a successful projectmanager in a healthcare setting is that he/she should ensure that thelines of communication remain open amid team members and clients(Hunsberger, 2011). Communication is very critical since it ensuresthat the project team shares their motivating elements. This iscritical for the success of the healthcare project since once theproject manager understands the motivating elements he/she will becapable of utilizing the information in motivating the project team,which implies that they will work in satisfying the clients. This isof importance to the project’s success because clients’satisfaction is at the heart of every project’s success. Besides,open communication ensures that every issue that comes along withinthe project is discussed and solved within time, thus ensuringproject runs on smoothly without interruptions due to communicationfailure.

Thecapacity to define project processes and roles is also another vitalattribute that is associated with a successful healthcare projectmanager. The project manager must be in a position to define theproject processes and roles that are associated with the project(Hunsberger, 2011). Without defining the project roles, it will bedifficult to identify and coordinate the roles associated with theproject team however, it is exceedingly easy to manage and realizesuccess in a project where the project manager has identified theproject processes and roles since he/she will be focused. Inaddition, it is crucial for a successful healthcare project managerto have the attribute of a leader with leadership role. The manager’sleadership role is very critical since it has the importance ofmotivating employees and creating an effective working environment,which enables the project team to meet greater challenges in thepresent global economy (Anantatmula, 2010). Hence, the projectmanager’s leadership role is critical in enhancing the healthcareproject performance.


Attributesof High-Performing Project Teams

Oneof the most crucial attributes of high-performing project teamsentails being motivated. Motivation is exceedingly crucial for aproject team’s success because it provides the team members with aninternal drive. This is vital in making the team members direct highlevels of effort in the completion of project assignment(Hierstetter, 2009). Whenever team members become motivated, inperforming their assignments, the high the outcomes in a project.Therefore, motivation is an exceedingly significant attribute, whichteam members must have in the attainment of high outcomes in aproject. Another attribute that is critical for high-performing teamsis that the teams must have skills in the area that they function.Skills are exceedingly vital as they help the team members inperforming the assignments allocated to them without struggle, whichindicates that better results ae expected because of the skills ofthe team members (Lester,2007).


Matrix-basedorganizational structure has been utilized by the currentorganization in project management. One of the reasons for utilizingthis organizational structure is because it helps in creatingdepartments that are linked with a given function. In a project,there are different functions that need to be attended to thus,placing team members in different functional units helps in betterorganization of the project. Besides, the matrix-based organizationalstructure has been utilized by the organization since it helps in thedelocalization of power, which is critical for the success of aproject. Through matrix-based organizational structure, authority isgiven to the different functional units. This helps in betterorganization of roles and team members since departmental heads helpin the organization of team members in performing certain rolesassigned to them (Lester,2007). On the other hand, matrix-based organizational structure hasbeen used by the organization since it allows program units to havefocus on their specific technical competencies and permits projectsto have specialists from throughout the organization.


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