PwC and American the Idol Article


PwCand American the Idol Article

Thearticle under review is “AmericanIdol: The PwC accounting edition.”

Thisarticle explores the American idol and the role that PwC played inthe event as the auditing and the accounting firm for thecompetition. The following is a sentence that depicts the keyprinciple that the article relates to. Overholt(2011) states

“Isthis about taking market share away from others or mining anopportunity not currently used?”

Thissentence was picked because it centrally locates the primary purposeof the article and the main intention for PwC’s involvement withthe American Idol. From the sentence, the key principle that relatesto sales is market share. The market share of the company is thenumber of clients that PwC serves as compared to the total marketpotential in terms of client base. The sentence above was a questionthat was asked by Mitch Cohen, the vice chairman of the group, inregard to the strategy of the company.

Thefirm has a strategy to explore the opportunities of either increasingtheir market share or retaining their customers. These opportunitiesprovide a platform for the company to sell its image and itscorporate services in the following ways

  • PwC gets market share through corporate branding. With the American Idol event being a publicly watched and loved spectacle, the involvement of PwC gives it a sales advantage.

  • PwC creates awareness for market share. Through the publicity of the event, the firm creates awareness because the company sells its image and Americans get to know

  • PwC generates market share by sustaining the market partnerships. The event gives the company a chance to enhance its dominance in the market by giving its current clientele the confidence that they are dealing with the right company.


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