Psychology homework




Socialpsychologists try to understand how social pressures affect differentpeople in different societal settings. In a campus setting, there aremany people from diverse backgrounds whose needs to dress and look ina certain way based on attitudes and beliefs. How people reactquickly to an issue, how they feel about it tends to define howpeople view themselves and others. Attitudes tend to affect anindividual’s feelings promoting a negative or positive behavioralintention and cognition depending on acquired beliefs.

Physicalappearances on initial impressions greatly determine the way withwhich an observer will form a perception of him or her. For instance,when the perception is positive and admirable, the observer willregard such an individual highly. This is especially the case whereadmirable is considered as good. This tends to be a universallanguage though in some cases initial perceptions can be deceptive.

Stereotypesare employed in fitting members of a society about limitationsunderstood to a dominant culture. In campus, there are manystereotypes. The stereotype that definitely caught my attention wasthe dress code of people in official attire. These people are knownto know what they want in life and are major go-getters hence myattraction to the group.

Socialpsychologists consider attitudes as effect and efficient in enablinga knowledgeable individual to understand how a group of people orstereotype behaves and relates to other people. For instance, if oneviews people from a particular cultural background as backward andviolent, it is possible to dislike them greatly. This leads todiscrimination of such an individual based on stereotypical profiles.This implies that attitudes play a significant role in influencingbehavior.