Professionalism and Professionalization of Nursing


Professionalismand Professionalization of Nursing



ProfessionalAssociations play an important role in the development of nursing asa profession. One of the Professional Nursing Association in theUnited States is The American Nurses Association (ANA). It offers adiversity of services as well as representing the interests of over 3million registered nurses (American Nurses Association 2014). Theirweb address is:

Thewelfare of belonging to this consortium is that member`s commitmentis shown to employers, colleagues and patients. The group also makesstrapping comments about ones` contribution. Members are recognizedas stern people and are given opportunities for career advancement aswell as being involved and informed (Daly, 2011). One of thecontributions of the ANA is that it offers an all-inclusive HealthRisk Appraisal in partnership with Pfizer Inc at no cost. It hashelped the nurses improve on their health, safety and profession.

Professionalinstitutions and unions reinforce similar healthcare matters andsupport same requirements of patients and nurses. The differences areon their structure and mission statements. Professional associationshelp nurses in career advancement so as to cater for future healthcare problems in the country (McCaffrey, 2012). Further, they ensurethat a high standard of nursing practice is maintained. On thecontrary, unions are tasked with the responsibility of collectivebargaining contracts for nurses. They bargain for their wages,pension plans and health benefits amongst others.

TheAmerican Nurses Association plays a remarkable role in controllingnursing practice so as to conform to the well-being of the society.They address issues that enable the nursing community to improve,learn and advance their practices (Huston, 2014). The American NursesAssociation Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice influenceprofessional nurse behaviors by creating platforms for measuringpatient results. They also provide frameworks for practice evaluationas well as standards of care and professional accountability(American Nurses Association 2011). In addition, the code of ethicsleads to ethical decision making and centered care.


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