Thereare many evils in the society committed by perpetrators who arebarely discovered, let alone brought to justice. Most common crimescommitted in the society are cases of murder and oppression of theweak. Powerful people in the society commit myriad crimes on thepoorer and weaker individuals, then they device schemes to cover uptheir heinous crimes. The sickening sense of injustice portrayed insuch societies is grave. Entangling such knots presents a hurdle thatis not easy to overcome. The Miniessay clip – Los Olvidadospresents a similar case where individuals, powerful and poor, seem tobe entangled in social ills that arouse appalling sense ofinjustices.

“OrThe Forgotten,” which is the translation of the title, is a filmthat appears to depict a group of people who are forgotten. TheMexican slum kids appear to be forgotten, probably illuminating alittle about its developer. By the time the film was coming into thescenes, it had been around twenty years since the Spaniard moviedirector had shuffled between the US, Madrid, Paris, and eventuallyMexico city unproductively. He finally managed to regaininternational recognition, as well as outrage with this equivocal andexcoriating drama.

Thesmall piece of film depicts a society that is most probably lackingsentimentality. The clip begins with a scene that depicts a donkeycarrying a dead body escorted by two gentlemen. The scene is in sucha way as to suggest that the gentlemen accompanying the donkey withthe dead boy are part of a gang that ekes a living from robbingpeople with violence actions that at times lead to murder. A womanpassing by fails to raise alarm, a sign of a society that belittleswomen. This could even mean that women are at times molested, therebyfear pointing out evils that take place in the society.

Thesmall clip exposes murder and the murderous characteristics thatexist in most people. The characters appear to murder and do allsorts of bad things because of their despicable and poverty riddensituation. Neorealistic location and observation may have been thebasics of the film. Additionally, the surrealism of the film directsthe viewer further to perceive the impact of the grim environment onthe inner lives. The film is a perfect clip, a masterpiece thatintertwines the social ills and individual evils into a knot. Theaccompanying background music warns the viewer, rousing a disgustingsense of inequality. The final scene, of a dead body being dumped bytwo gentlemen followed by a heavy thud and swoop, is purelyparalyzing.

Ina nutshell, the film, in a few minutes, presents the evils that takeplace in the society and the myriad factors that underlie them.Social and individual ills have a way of developing into a norm, andsoon people do not perceive them as evil as they would at the firstinstance. Those who are meant to raise the alarm because of theirinnocence are silenced by the consequences that may follow.


Miniessay#2 Clip #2 – Los Olvidados (dir. Luis Bunuel, 1950).N.p.Film.