Pretending to Be a Post racial The Spectacularization of Race in Reality TV Survivor

Pretendingto Be a Post racial: The Spectacularization of Race in Reality TVSurvivor

“Doreality TV programs entertain viewers by offering “easy-to-read”stereotypes?”

Whilemany televisions show pretend to perpetuate post-racial narratives,the notion of post-racial society is a great fallacy reality TVprograms continue to perpetuate explicit racial spectacularization.

Theassertion by the ‘survivor’ producers that ‘theshow was aimed at reinforcing a post-racial premise’is hypocrisy. It was a great error segregating the casts andmandating the contestants compete along tribal lines this onlyfacilitating in reinforcing racial stereotype against the coloredpeople (Drew 327). For instance, in the ‘survivor’ a replay isdone in every episode reaffirming that, ‘It’snot about race, it’s about survival,’ the black woman in thereplay was eliminated during the contest (Drew 338).Thisis a major fallacy that not only exposed the producers’ illintentions, but also perpetuated the very same problem of racialprofiling they wanted to spectacularize.

Realityshows are produced on the tenets that viewers are subjected to ‘real’issues as happening in the society. For instance, in the show‘survivor’ viewers are subjected to ‘real’ performance (notas entertainment) but as competitions in living conditions bringingout the true character of the participants. As such, the programscontent and people projected in the reality shows provides viewerswith easy-to-read stereotypes (Drew328).

However,I refute the claim that, reality TV shows perpetuate racialstereotypes. Far from racial politics, the reality shows like in thecase of ‘Survivor’ was aimed at proving that it is individualvalues and efforts that define their identity, and not their racialsegregations. The show demonstrated that post-racial society ispossible where individuals need not pay much attention on individualrace rather individuals superiority on the basis of their efforts.Some people claim that, it is the racialization politics that haveperpetuated the racial stereotype in the media and not the media.


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