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October23, 2014.


BostonFilms Festival plansthe 35th Anniversary for ‘The shinning’ filmby Jack Nicholson, OnNovember 12, 2014

Boston:October 23, 2014- Boston film Festival facilitates in the promotionofindependent,unique and diverse films around Boston. Today the Filmorganization announced intentions to host a special eventon 35thanniversary to celebrate ‘The shinning’ film by Jack Nicholson onNovember 12, 2014. Boston Films has been holding such promotions inthe past years, and this year’s event will be held at the BostonPublic library.

TheAmerican actorJack Nicholson is adirector, writer, producer and actorwho have portrayed a unique and challenging role in film productioncareer. Nicholson has won numerous awards he has won twice theAcademyAward for best actorin films such as‘thecuckoo’s nest.’Otherawards include the Academy Award for best supporting actor. Nicholsonis celebrated for his exclusive role in the film,‘the departed’as Frank Costello, ‘Theshining’asJack Torrance and‘Thejoker’asBatman in the 1989s.In addition, Nicholson has starred in severalother films such as ‘Chinatown,’‘Essaypieces,’‘thepledge.’afew good men,’‘EasyRider,’‘thelast Detail’and ‘ThePassenger’among others.

Thecenterpiece spotlight for the Boston festival event is based on thefilm, ‘The shining,’ produced and narrated by Stanley Kubrick andstarring Jack Nicholson in the 1980. The film theme is based onStephen King’s 1977 novel on ‘The Shinning.’ It is listed amongthe greatest horror movies. The film depicts a recovering alcoholicwho is employed as a hotel caretaker, and later his family getstrapped inthe snowstorm. Jack gets overwhelmed by supernatural powersand descends into madness and nearly kills his son and wife.

Theevent will start at 6 pm during which Nicholson will give a talk onhis role and memories in the ‘The shinning’ film. A question andanswer session with Nicholson will be held after the talk, followedby afilm screening. Later, Nicholson will sign autographs. All publicmembers are invited for this event and refreshments will be served.