Press release for a new book launch on the IT generation business

Pressrelease for a new book launch on the IT generation business

Forrelease October 10, 2014

Contact:the book [email protected]

Weare pleased to announce the launch of our new book as one of thegoals we had earlier this year. The book club is taking this greatstep and organizing to hold the event on the first Saturday of nextmonth in 2000 Huntington Beach, CA. After observing the digital eratake over businesses at a fast rate, we have an aim to adviseentrepreneurs on how to cope with new technology and progress intheir businesses through useful tips listed in the book. Our aim isto inform and keep this generation up to date with technology andbusiness. The books we released in the past offered insights tovarious business issues and readers have not hesitated to givepositive feedback. We are hopeful that this year the story will bethe same. Our mission of offering informative, educative and advisorytips on IT and business remains firm. We are proud to recruit morepeople in the club as they continue reaching out to this generationand preaching the message of digital business.

Inorder to meet diverse population needs and distribute the booklargely, the club will make some changes. Every person who attendsthe launch will be given an opportunity to ask our writers questionsand get to go home with a free brochure on tips. After sampling thebrochure details, they can place an order for the book through listedcontacts in the leaflet.

Welook forward to continued great relationships with our writers,readers, publishers, authors, sponsors and the press with less than amonth to the official launch. Until then preparations are underway inthe 2000 Huntington Beach, CA.

Formore information regarding early booking or purchase of the bookcontact us at the [email protected].We look forward to seeing you at 2000 Huntington Beach, CA on thefirst Saturday of next month.