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Shouldthe Constitution be Amended to Overturn the Citizens United Decision?

In2012, Bob Weikowski, the assembly member, called for a constitutionalamendment in United States to overturn Citizen United, as well asrestore fair rights and constitutional rights for its citizens(Nichols, 2014). Later in April the same year, the Marin County boardof Supervisors also passed a resolution to support the constitutionalamendment. Again, twenty-two state senators and eighty-eightrepresentatives supported the constitutional amendment, and signed aletter calling on the same. Indeed, there are several reasons as tosupport constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizen Uniteddecision.

Firstly,democracy is not for sale. According to Sander, the Co-sponsor of theamendment, billionaires are buying election that is against theconstitution. They spend millions and billions of money to swayelections. The American citizens cannot retain their democraticfoundation but they only suffer in oligarchic form of society(Miroff, 2010). Billionaires are controlling all the politicalprocesses and electing candidates who represent their interest onlywithout minding the welfare of the poor citizens. For instance,Charles and David Koch, billionaires, contributed millions of dollarsto support a republican candidate and funded over four hundredadverts in the 2014 election battleground states. In fact, electionsare more about the quantity of cash than the quality of ideas of acandidate.

Secondly,the amendment will offer a permanent and a long-term solutions, andthe mere citizens with be treated like human beings. In addition, theconstitutional amendment will offer the state and the congress theauthority to enact rational. It will end the chances of corporationand the super-rich citizens from dominating over the elections. Thereis a lot of “dark money” that floods elections that are funnelledthrough unknown groups and trade associations (Nichols, 2014).Therefore, the constitutional amendment will get rid of such money.Furthermore, most voters strongly support the amendment to overturnthe Citizen United decision, as well as control the power of money inpolitics. Statistically, republican supports the ruling by 1-2 whilethe citizen united opposes it by 3-1 margin.

Onthe other hand, the constitution should not be amended to overturnthe Citizen United decision. According to Miles (2013), theconstitutional amendment has no chances to be passed and enacted. Forit to succeed, there are several things that the legislature, statelegislatures, congress, and city council, need to do to minimise itseffects on Citizen United. It requires a lot of energy from thelegislatures to amend a constitution. For instance, it requires astrong disclosure laws, a law that will prevent companies andindividuals from spending a lot of money in election, and a law thatrequires shareholder consent before spending any money on thepolitical expenditure. Unfortunately, this is nearly impossible.Actually, for the about two years, members of the congress passedover fifteen bills to amend constitution to overturn the citizenunited. Unfortunately, none of them made it to the vote floor.

Ingeneral, the constitution should be amended to overturn the CitizenUnited decision. As discussed above, the advantages of amending theconstitution outweighs it disadvantage. The amended constitution willrestore the ability of the states and the congress to control thecampaign funds and spending hence, prevent billionaires andcorporation from dominating the elections. In addition, the Americanwill also have a chance to enjoy their democracy.


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