Police Brutality Worse than Rodney King; The Robert Leone Story


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Although there have been various cases of police brutality in theUnited States, the case involving Leone is baffling. After watchingthe video “Police Brutality Worse than Rodney King The RobertLeone Story”, it is unbelievable to think that trained professionalpolice officers can be such brutal and unreasonable. The videoattracts a feeling of pity and discomfort for the victim Mr. Leone.The video exposes some of the negative police actions that mostly gounnoticed. It is clear that was it not for the camera placed in oneof the police patrol cars, the incident would have gone unnoticed.This video is an eye opener to the public on the brutality that goeson in the Pennsylvania justice system. The video has also acted as anopener on the injustices that are conducted by the criminal justicesystem in the United States. It is general knowledge that the policeare supposed to protect the public and offer everybody a fair hearingin order advance the course of justice. However, this video hasclearly indicated that the criminal justice system is unfair, unjustand does not care for the plight of the people (Hohol, 2012).

The video on the brutality of Mr. Leone of not only annoying orbothering, but also shameful. America is known to be one of theleading countries in offering justice and treating every person withrespect and dignity. The criminal justice system must be in the frontline in ensuring that justice prevails for all. However, this videoportrays the law enforcers as the champions of injustice andinhumanity (Powers, 2012). It is annoying to learn that the criminaljustice system, which is accorded immense respect in the entire worldwould deny Mr. Leone justice. It is equally shameful for the entirecriminal justice system in the United States for the actions of thePennsylvania police officers. The video is a bother to any person whowould watch it. This is because whatever happened to Leone couldhappen to anyone. It could be a relative, a friend, a sister or evena parent. Whatever the police did is unlawful, unacceptable anddisgusting to watch. It is evident that Mr. Leone underwent ahorrifying experience and was even denied parole on baseless grounds.

The video on Mr. Leone’s brutality has numerous realizations.After watching the video, one has no option to doubt the trust of thepolice in the United States. The video has also shown that theAmerican criminal justice system is unfair. Although the incidentinvolved Pennsylvania police officers, it is evident that theincident is a representation of other police stations and policeofficers (Hohol, 2012). The video offers insight into some of thetrainings that the officers are offered. However, it is clear thatthe officers involved in this barbaric incident had total disregardof their trainings and police ethics. It is also evident form thevideo that the police carry out shoddy investigations on variousmatters. The criminal justice system seeks to exonerate the policeofficers involved in criminal activities such the one at hand. It isevident from the video that almost all the charges that were leviedupon Mr. Leone were dropped. This is an indication that the entiretrial was unfair and unjust. It was also realized from the film thatthe police use various tactics to confiscate evidence that wouldotherwise incriminate them. The detention of the accused for sixmonths without trial was a way of confiscating evidence.

After watching the video, there are numerous questions which arisewith regard to the criminal justice system. The criminal justicesystem has a responsibility of offering fair hearing and deliveringjustice to all Americans. The criminal justice system should also beindependent and should work and deliver its rulings without anyexternal influence. This video raises questions over the independenceof the criminal justice system (Powers, 2012). It is alsoincreasingly apparent from the video that the criminal justice systemprotects the unlawful acts of rogue police officers. Despite theavailability of the video to the jury in the case of Mr. Leone, thepolice officers involved were exonerated of any wrong doing. Thisraises questions over the role and responsibility of the criminaljustice system to provide justice for all without discrimination.

The video has also raised questions with regard to the policeethics. The video shows the police officers acting in total disregardof the law. The main question is whether the officers were actingknowingly or they were totally unaware of the existing laws andpolice ethics. This video also raises questions with regard to policetraining. It is within the program of the criminal justice systemthat all the officers must be trained on how to handle suspects. Inthis video, it is clearly evident that the suspect was not armedwhatsoever and the beating and brutality that occurred was notuncalled for (Hohol, 2012). It is, therefore questionable as towhether the police officers in his video were trained sufficiently tohandle suspects or it was a matter of arrogance.

The video exposes the evil in the criminal justice system. The videoexposes various aspects that should be changed in the criminaljustice system. To start with, the handling of suspects by lawenforcement officers must be looked into. It is clearly evident fromthe video that Leone’s handling was inhuman and brutal. The lawenforcement officers must be trained on how to handle the suspects inhumane and dignified manner. Secondly, the criminal justice systemmust offer a fair hearing and justice to every accused person(Powers, 2012). Detention without trial is unacceptable and should bestopped. Suspects must be tried immediately they are arrested.Consequently, suspects who may want to seek medical attention fromdifferent medical facilities rather than the ones offered by thecriminal justice system must be allowed to do so. It is imperative tonote that the accused people have their own rights that must berespected.

The case of Leone took a long time to be executed and most of theevidence was hidden from the public. There was little public outcrywith regard to this case of police brutality. There was no watertight evidence over the brutality and since there was a policeofficer who was injured made the case weak. The public was slightlyconfused over the incident since there were no witnesses who couldgive an account of the events that occurred. It is also apparent thatthere has been a decline in the activism arena in the past few years.

A vast majority of the information in the video is true with regardto the brutality witnessed. This is even enhanced by the fact thereare other numerous instances of police brutality that go unrecorded.The medical reports are facts that cannot be disputed. It is also afact that Mr. Leone was accused of 24 counts, but jailed for only 4counts that were confirmed. The graphic images in the video arehorrifying and one cannot help but sympathize with Mr. Leone. It ishowever not very clear in regard to the audio which accompanies thevideo as subtitles. It would be slightly difficult to ascertain thewording in the entire scene on the roadside. Although there are a fewinstances where the audio is clear, it is evident that some of thesounds from the police officers are not clear. It also agreeable thatthe accused had a right to seek medical attention and was detainedunlawfully.

There are numerous people who have had bad experiences with thepolice. However, I have luckily have not encountered any uglyincident with law enforcers. Prior to watching this video, I hadtotal regard for the police in the entire country of the UnitedStates. However, after the realizations that I have been able to seein this video, my trust with the law enforcers and the criminaljustice system has greatly reduced.

This video can be evaluated on the basis of the role of the lawenforcers, the criminal justice system and the ethical standards thatguide the operations of the law enforcers. The video seeks tohighlight how the law enforcers act unlawfully and end up unpunished.The criminal justice system has standards upon which its memberscarry out their duties. It is very easy for any person to identifywith this story of Mr. Leone. In the United States, a lot everycitizen relies on the law enforcement officers for their security.The story highlights what many people go through in the hands of thelaw enforcement agencies.


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