Point of View on a Football Pitch

An Evening at a Football Pitch

Oneof the major games celebrated is the American football. The gamethrives in leagues as the Super bowl under the National FootballLeague. Shown by the evening glaze of the setting sun, the green andwhite colors appear brighter than usual. Despite the brightness,specs of struggle are evident from the boot marks on the pitch. Thedents on the pitch tell stories of a number of practices and games,with both feelings of joy and sorrow. One team victorious, one on thelosing side, or both settle at a draw. At the edge of the playingpitch are sets of terraces for fans to enjoy the game as they supporttheir teams. Fans in all games control the mood of the game. The viewgives a picture of leftovers on the terraces among some jerseyssigns of a recent game. From a far, I can hear cracking steps offootball boots as the players are about to begin the daily practicesession. In discussion is a two-point perception of the evening viewof a football pitch, positive and negative.

Thefootball pitch comes in all positivity as nurturing talent,correcting faulty strategy in games, and checking levels of prowess.The football pitch is a home to many past and future victories. Thesevictories come along with jovial feelings to the wining team. Despitethe wearing and tearing, the pitch sprouts fresh grass to experiencethe thrill of games to come. The same pitch harbors young talent togrow into a sporting career. Passing generations of great playershave their historical careers beginning from an institutional orpublic football pitch. So many values in human beings come fromgames coordination, teamwork, accuracy, tolerance among others(Swears &ampHoogs 2012 pp. 412). These values are important in lifeas much as they are in the game, especially for team players who donot follow sporting as a career. This group of players show thesequalities in life when working and interacting with other people.Prominently, many football captains have a likelihood of attaining aleadership position later in life. On the same, terraces connectpeople. Despite teams taking sides in the terraces section, factbeing all together with the same aim connects the fans, where somehold lasting relationships.

Onthe contrasting end, football pitches come along with a percentage oftragedies to the players and fans. As the pitch nurtures talent, itmight as well be the platform that ends a sporting path in life.Injuries are common in all football games (Swears&amp Hoogs 2012 pp. 416). The major difference intheir intensity determines the continuity of a player’s career.Severe injuries as fractures and major dislocations terminatesporting careers. If not enough, such injuries become a disabilitylater in life, which affects the player’s self-esteem in life. Incase of feuds on the pitch, fans follow in and the chaos leaves somefans in critical conditions too. Additionally, football is andaddictive sport. Players of the game tend to dedicate their all infootball and drift from other life activities.

Bothleads in the image give an idea of events, emotions, sights andpeople that encompass a pitch environment. Depending on people’spersonal perspective, attitudes towards the same scene are alwaysdifferent, as in the evening setting of a football pitch. Tools in awriter’s tool box give a clear cut experience of creating andfollowing a lead in good reads.


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