Running head: PLAGIARISM 1

October30, 2014.

Howcan plagiarism affect professional career beyond doctoral pursuit

is an ethical act that reflects one’s dishonesty and lack ofintegrity. The effects of plagiarism transcend the walls of theacademic field to other areas. In particular, plagiarism reflectslack of creativity in accomplishing one’s work. In the modern age,plagiarism has contributed to great loses and damages in the social,political and economic sphere of the society. The global economy hasbeen negatively affected by increased patent theft, copy rightinfringement and shoddy projects.

Mostgraduates who get accustomed to plagiarism perform dismally in workstation die to lack of individual’s innovativeness (Carson, 2010).The effects of plagiarism have far reaching severe consequences forinstance, a doctoral professional engaging in public projectsresearch may perform dismally leading to integrity questionsregarding academic qualifications. In some cases, professionals whoare found to have engaged in plagiarism after graduated may havetheir professional licenses revoked, or work pay denied. In such ascenario, the professional image is adversely damaged, and this mayinhibit career growth (Carson, 2010).

Furthermore,organizations rely on good reputation for their competitiveness inthe market as such, an employee who might be found to haveplagiarized may create some form of distrust to the organization(Carson, 2010). The organization may in turn question the integrityof the professional in performing tasks. In such cases, aprofessional may be denied promotion. In the public sphere, suchprofessionals who may be found to have plagiarized are subjected topublic humiliation. For instance, Jayson Blair a New York editor wasfired after been found to have pirated other peoples work for years(Rosen, 2003)). is ethical wrong in all areas of life asit indicates ones inability to use their creativity. Therefore,doctoral candidates should be cautious in their academic work inproducing original work that is devoid of plagiarism failure to whichsevere repercussions await them down their career path (Carson,2010).


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