Photosynthesis Interview




Forthis task, I interviewed two people, and these were their responses

  1. The answer given by Joshua Jonas was option A that it is nutrient in the ground taken up by the roots

Thereason he gave was that the block of wood came from a tree that tooknutrients and minerals from the tree. He even asserted his answer bystating that the tree stands on the soil, meaning it gets food fromthe soil, to feed the wooden part, from where the block is takenfrom.

  1. The answer given by Lillian Millas was option C that it is water in the ground taken up by the roots

Thereason she gave for the answer was that the roots take water from thesoil and cannot take anything else apart from liquid matter.

TheCorrect Answer

Thecorrect answer is option C that it is from the thin air. This isbecause the wood is made is made up of carbohydrates called thecellulose. These carbohydrates are made up of carbon that is derivedfrom carbon dioxide that is found in the thin air. And because thesource of carbon dioxide and other gases is the air, the answer isoption C.


Theplant manufactures its food through a process called photosynthesisthat takes place in the chloroplasts found in the leaves. Throughphotosynthesis, the plant uses sunlight to turn nutrients and carbondioxide into food in the form of sugars (Smith,2010).These sugars are converted into cellulose for storage, which formsthe wood block. According to Smith(2010),the plant only absorbs water and nutrients from the soil through theroots. These are taken up to the leaves through the processes ofdiffusion and osmosis. It is at the leaves where plant food ismanufactured through the process of photosynthesis using sunlight.


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