Personal statement


Idesire to be a top notch executive in public affairs andadministration. Pursuing a master’s degree in this field is a keystage in the pursuit of this goal. My journey towards this goalstarted soon after the anti terror wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Inmy view, the government failed in creating a clear policy to gainsupport for the anti terror way. Thoughts on this issue directed meinto desiring managing administration of public affairs. Again, aspart of the society, I owe it to the people and country to attain thehighest skills level to improve my competence in my profession. Ialso owe to myself and God to make the best out of my academic skillsand knowledge and thus pursue the highest possible qualification Ican attain.

Toachieve this goal, I need access and support of a suitable learninginstitution with the highest quality of training on my chosen course.Having completed my undergraduate program in Public Administration, Idesire to pursue a master’s program on the same with my intendedconcentration being International Security Policy and specializationbeing International Media, Advocacy, and Communications. Other thanoffering my intended program, Columbia University’s School ofInternational and Public Affairs (SIPA) program has the best fit withmy career, academic desires and also research approaches andcredentials.

Withmy intended qualifications, I look forward to serve better eithernationally or internationally preferably in conflict resolutionthrough public and political policies. I aware of the role of publicpolicies of creating conflict situations and at the same of resolvingconflict both at the national and internal level. With the currentrate of globalization, it is clear that managing public affairs willincreasingly become an international issue with public policies inone country affecting others. It is in this area that I look forwardto work in.

Tobetter understand this area, my research interest would be gearedtowards reviewing the effect of American policies on the Middle Eastand Arab conflict. Empirical observations show that there has beenAmerican involvement in major conflicts around the world. I wouldspecifically be interested in research on the design of communicationof both domestic and foreign policies to achieve desired outcomessuch as in anti terror war. This research area is well covered underSIPA and thus fits well research interests in PA.


Overthe years, my academic skills and life experiences have molded meinto a competent human being in a number of areas. I am a graduate inpublic administration looking forward to pursue a master’s programon the same. Academically, I have performed exemplary and I believe Ihave the capacity and all that is needed to convert these learnedskills into workplace competence. I believe that life is a journey oflearning and thus I am always ready and willing to learn and acquirenew skills especially from experienced minds in the profession to aidin my personal and professional development.

Asa budding professional, I have the energy and zest to achieve moreand deliver beyond expectations. Throughout my life, I have come tolearn, value, and trust the need to go the extra mile to achieve morealongside others. Thus, I have become a better team player andcolleague to diverse personalities. I believe all these have refinedme to a better partner in the workplace and team player. Therefore, Ipromise that any organization that seeks my services will beimpressed by my industry, skills set, hard work, team spirit and mydesire for continuous improvement.