Personal Statement for Application of Statistic MS major


PersonalStatement for Application of Statistic MS major

Theroom was filled with expectant guests including high school, collegeand university students. Several parents and young career graduateshad arrived early enough for the function. The convention was acareer and guidance function that had been arranged by the Chinesegovernment in collaboration with top business executives, lecturers,and industrialists. My father had volunteered to take me to themeeting because my icon was among the chosen speakers. He is reputedas a self-made billionaire because he has built a business empirewith branches throughout the world from scratch.

Inhis speech, he asserted that students should be farsighted andcapable to differentiate long-term investment opportunities withshort terms fads. After conducting research on the best professionsin China, I discovered that my best chance was focusing on dataanalysis because data is the future of the world. China has a bigmarket for the professionals in data evaluation, and I want to be apart of the team.

Isuccessfully accomplished an undergraduate degree in physics andmathematics. However, I feel that I could be of greater value to mynation if I can upgrade my skills. My future goal is working in theinsurance industry, which requires critical data analyses experience.I am interested to join your institution because the institution hasa reputation of training successful professionals, including myundergraduate lecturer. Besides, several surveys have rated theinstitution among the best in China for three consecutive years.Since I began doing my undergraduates, I strived to ensure that Isurpassed the minimum qualifications required for joining theorganization.

Iam a disciplined student with no record of crime or misconduct, bothinside and outside the learning institutions I have attended in thepast. I am confident that I will emulate my previous reputation ingraduate school.

Outsidethe classroom, I love football, hiking, vast reading and vastreading. My reading culture has profoundly contributed in assistingme to accept diverse people from a diverse background. I have thesocial skills and flexibility I need to fit in a miscellaneousenvironment your institution offers. During my undergraduate years, Imanaged to acquire interpersonal skills that make working in adiverse environment convenient to me.

Mycourse experience includes a straightforward C programming course.Presently, I am feeling experienced and confident to work in variousenvironments. I can work in a laboratory, hospital,government-planning office or even with the nongovernmentalorganizations (NGOs). The desire to improve the lives of Chinesepeople positively inspired to specialize in statistics at advancedlevel. I feel concerned that China has regulations such as one childper family. If the data analysts and statics professionals could havepredicted the future outcome correctly, they could avert suchinconveniences through educating the public on effective familymanagement.

Iam also interested to study statistics at advanced level because theprofession offers lucrative career opportunities that would help melive a good life. Since my childhood, I wanted to focus on aprofession that I would easily acquire an excellent paying job.Similarly, I wanted a course that would give me skills forestablishing support an independent business.

Besides,I am a very talented in mathematics. In fact, mathematics and physicswere favorite subjects since my early years in school. My dream jobis a career that would give me the challenge of solving complexmathematics. The Masters of Science in Statistics promises to offer acareer in an environment where I would be directly responsible inoffering solutions for the Chinese people. For example, I would havea chance to plan distribution of resources among differentcommunities.