Personal Artifact Essay


PersonalArtifact Essay

Whenit comes to discussing and answering a cultural artifact, I believethe best is that represents the culture of people today. First, Iwould start by defining cultural artifact. A cultural artifact can bedefined as, a term used mostly in social science, specifically inethnology, anthropology, and in sociology, which can be said assomething created by people that gives specific information onculture and the creator’s background. Also, cultural artifact cangive information about economy, technological processes and socialmakeup. When giving the answer to the general question, I wouldselect an iPod since it is seen as one of the influential enhancementin the society today. To many people, the iPod is the mostsignificant and popular artifact of 21st century. It shows where wehave come from since we started using computers and what we haveaccomplished in computer’s world today (Karl, 2007).

February2009, is a day I still remember. It was on a Thursday morning, but itwas not just like any other Friday, the day was rainy and there wereheavy clouds. I stared outside as raindrops were dripping down thewindow, and my Mac TV was airing some programs. I was feeling thatsomething was going to get down. I then suddenly remembered I had atask to do. I quickly took my car keys, jacket, and my wallet andgot out of the house heading to the car. As I was heading towardsthe car, I slid and fell on something. As I wiped my clothes I lookeddown to see what I had slid on. I discovered a large 64 GB gadgetthat had an iPod 2009 etched on it. The gadget would disclose themysteries of how people operated in the year 2009.

Ipicked up the iPod to see whether I could get a hint of the owner. Itdid not have any buttons on it as it was a touch screen.. I went onwith the research to try and see whether I would find out who theowner was. I examined it to see whether it could be turned on, and Isaw a button on the corner on the left of the gadget. I pressed thebutton down, and nothing happened, just a blank screen. I triedpressing it down but this time for around 5 seconds. I saw a lightappearing on the screen and apple logo appeared. I discovered theiPod was displaying a logo just like my Mac television when turnedon. When it turned on I saw a list of options where one can chooseto explore. I scrolled through it I found videos, pictures, songs,and notes which made me conclude the iPod was for more thanentertainment (Steve, 2009).

Accordingto Steve (2009), an iPod is someone’s style of capturing a part ofhis/her life. The iPod’s unique personalization stood out. It wasdifferent and trendy as it had a teen’s style look. From the touchscreen, one could tell technology at this time was very exclusive. The gadget had several stickers on it, with heart shape and somehaving the symbols of renowned fashion products do exist 200 yearslater, today. The juicy dressmaking symbols related to today’sfashion, therefore, one could predict the iPod belonged to a woman.One could tell the woman was into high sense of fashion. I alsowondered whether the products were as expensive as they are today. An iPod is an expensive gadget hence the owner had money. I foundout that the iPod was of the first generation of iPods since it wasdifferent from what I had.

An iPod must have been a known gadget during that time as it istoday. One can say that several people had bought one. This iPod’stouch was so amazing. An iPod was a gadget made for anybody who lovesto listen to music and the same time surveying the world by the useof application software. Applications software is varying tools thatwork to improve or support a computer. Every person has their tastesdepending on what they usually do or what they are interested in. Forexample, a person who does his/her work from outside may have aweather application installed on their iPod so as to check theweather daily. Another example is a person who loves games mayinstall a variety of games in his/her iPod. An iPod is a structurethat is fit for anyone (Karl, 2007).

Idecided to do some great research on the iPod to identify the owner.I touched the screen and scrolled to the music section. As I wasscrolling I found out that the person listened to pop, R&ampB andhip-hop. I listened to the music and to judge by the lyrics of themusic it is possible that the music genre added to the high rate ofcrime during that time. Several songs integrated violence andactivities of drugs like trafficking drugs and robbery. For example,the Lil Wayne’s song “Bang Bang”. Also, there were severalovert lyrics that were so sexual and which portrayed how women wereportrayed that time.

Onthe beginning of every note on the section o f the notes, I saw thewords, dear diary. The person used the iPod like a diary. It isamazing since I know several people who use their iPod as diary, meincluded. In my history class, I was told that people used to writetheir thoughts in journals and diaries, but things changed. I wasbeginning to wonder whether that was the time people started to usetheir electronic gadgets or iPods to store their thoughts and events.As I went on scrolling, I found out that the person loved music andto dance, loves to be around people he/she loves and wants to be amodel. He/ she used the iPod to keep his/her special moments. Besides storing memories in one’s mind, it is recommended to havethem noted down on paper or something else. Anything can happen andmake someone forget some things. A person would never wish to forgetsome events in their life.

In2009, people used iPod for entertainment. When people needed to havegood times or when they got bored, they used their iPod to listen tomusic. The iPods used to hold several songs but one had to keep themwith charge so that they could last for long hour like six to sevenhours, but that depended on how much one would use his/hers. Attimes, they would be used during parties since they were fun justlike having a DJ. One did not have to love music to own one sinceseveral people had them, but if one did not have one they missed out(Steve, 2009).

Aftergoing through the item several times, I got to know who the gadgetbelonged to. It belonged to a man and not a female. He was calledcarter Dominique, and he was an African- American. At first I was notin a position to determine his gender since most of his photos wereof a female. He was rich since he had high fashion clothes in thephotos. He loved dancing to vogue songs. I took one lastexamination of the iPod I found out that the name of Dominique wasengraved on the back, at the right side of the iPod. It is amazing Iwent through that process just to find out who owned the iPod. Atfirst I got angry since I thought I would have found out the owner ofthe iPod was a female, but the name Dominique was a unisex name. Ithen stopped being angry, since that was a great ambiguity I solved.Also, I would not have known the interesting things I learnt aboutthe year 2009. This is an amazing game to give people to solve.


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