Past and Present Family Television Shows


Pastand Present Family Television Shows

Pastand Present Family Television Shows

Televisionshows have been a fundamental component of the contemporary humansociety. Indeed, a large proportion of these shows have endearedthemselves to individuals especially considering the content thatthey often depict. This is especially the case for TV family shows asthey have often portended to depict the varied issues that affect orpertain to families. Indeed, it is well acknowledged that TV shows,like a large proportion of literary works, are aimed at depicting thevaried issues pertaining to the societies within which theircomposers live. As much as the key aim of this exposure is toentertain an allow individuals to laugh at themselves and their waysof lives, the underlying aim is to cultivate ideas that would allowfor a paradigm change in the manner in which individuals carry outtheir businesses or relate to each other. Given the fact that FamilyTelevision Shows are primarily based on the events within the currentsociety or generation of the composer, it goes without saying that TVshows from different timelines will always have different contents.Nowhere is this more evident than in the case of “Who’s the Boss”show and the “My Wife and Kids Show”.

“Who’sthe Boss” was a situational comedy that started airing as a TVshowing late 80s before hitting its peak in the 90s. It outlined thelife of a man named Tony Micelli, a retired baseball player for St.Louis Cardinals. Tony retired from the game as a result of a shoulderinjury. He, however, has to raise up his daughter, in which case hetakes up a job as a live-in nanny and housekeeper in upscaleFairfield, Connecticut for the single mom advertising executive namedAngela Bower and Jonathan her son. The spontaneous and easy-goingTony and the self-controlled Angela can feel their attraction to eachother but never make the move as the idea seems disdainful. Further,the show introduced a crucial socio-cultural perspective regardingthe two parents’ marriage. Of particular note is the fact that thecomposition of the marriage was considered extremely absurd in the70s. Indeed, it was quite abnormal for families in t that time to becomposed of individuals who were divorced rather it was believed thata family had to be made up of single individuals who come together tostart a nuclear unit.

“Mywife and Kids” on the other hand is a family show that primarilyrevolves around the family of Michael Kyle and his family living inStamford, Connecticut. The family is composed of Michael Kyle, hiswife Jay Kyle, son Michal Kyle Junior and the two daughters namelyClaire and Kady. Of particular note is the fact that Michael runs hisfamily on the basis of his paranoia after impregnating his wife inher teens, an episode that resulted in the possession of varied oddand irritating eccentricities that he can barely cover upirrespective of how severe the situations are. While there arevariations in the influences that resulted in the composition of thefamilies in the two movies, it is evident that some aspects primarilyremained the same. Indeed, there are varied similarities anddifferences between the economic, social and political issues thataffected families in the two decades.

First,it is acknowledged that economic security has immense impact on thestability of families irrespective of the time period within whichthey are composed. Indeed, economic security, whether of anindividual or the family at large determines the individualresponsibilities, roles, as well as powers within the family unit.This comes out clearly within the “Who’s the Boss” family TVshow. As much as it is well acknowledged that Tony is the man in thehouse, the stature of his wife or her capacity to make decisionsregarding the family is not diminished by her gender. Indeed, thesimple fact that Angela is a successful businesswoman means that sheis pretty much in control of her life and the decisions pertaining toit. Of particular note is the fact that the movie signaled a paradigmshift with regard to the decision-making in any family. It signaled adeparture from the times when women were passive players in theaffairs pertaining to family unless they revolved around traditionalroles of cooking, washing and taking care of their children while menmade all the fundamental decisions. This is also the case in MichaelKyle family in “My Wife and Kids”. As much as there is quite adifference in the earning capacity of Michael and Jay, it is evidentthat Michael, being the main earner in the house, has to consult hiswife before he makes all the fundamental decisions regarding thechildren and their ways of life. This comes out clearly after Jay islaid off at the stock company where she used to work. Indeed, herbecoming a housewife does not diminish her authority and say as faras determining the course of her family and her stature in the sameis concerned.

Inaddition, it is evident that social pressures have an immense impactor influence in the nature of the family. Indeed, social pressuresemanating from the neighborhood or society within which an individuallives would determine the family dynamic. This comes out clearly inthe two movies. It is worth noting that the societies within whichAnthony and Angela live has certain rules regarding who should callthe shots or rather who should be having the more financial musclethan the other. This is the key reason why they are reluctant tostart dating or having an open relationship in spite of their evidentattraction to each other, as Angela is more financially successfulthan her live-in housekeeper and nanny, Tony Micelli. Indeed, theseries examines the sexual tensions arising among cohabiting adultswhile challenging the notions regarding conventional gender roles.Such influences are also seen in the case of the Michael Kyle family,where Michael still needs to reassert his position as a man and stillholds some pretty traditional notions regarding his roles as a manirrespective of the fact that they live in the 21stcentury. These are the rules and beliefs that have been imparted orimbued in them by the society within which they live, and which hasrefused to change despite the changing times.

Further,the levels of education that the different individuals in the familyunit determine their roles and responsibilities, in which case theycome off as having significant impacts on the American families.Considering that the women in the two movies are holding positions inthe contemporary business world, it is safe to assume that they arewell learned. Angela is a successful business executive, a positionthat one (much less a woman) would be unlikely to occupy withoutquite considerable academic credentials. This is also the case forJay Kyle, who is a marketing executive at a stocks company. It isevident that such education credentials come with capabilities tomake substantial decisions in the family front. It is in this regardthat the stature of Jay Kyle does not change even as she loses herjob in the stock company.

Nevertheless,there are variations in the influences of the 80s and those of 21stcentury in the case of the American families. Indeed, it is wellacknowledged that social attitudes have less influence on individualdecision-making in the case of the 21stcentury than in the 80s. It is noted that Michael Kyle has to makequite a large number of adjustments and even allow his wife to engagein quite some odd issues even when they threaten his own manhood orhis stature as a man. This is especially so in the episode where theentire family (apart from Michael) has to engage in some form of artthat they like. Jay, being an artist, sees immense inspiration frompainting her husband nude. This is, undoubtedly, bound to bring himimmense shame. In spite of his protestations, he eventually allowsher to display the painting in a gallery. This would have beenextremely difficult in the case of the 80s. Indeed, both Angela andTony are reluctant to actualize their desire to date simply becausethe society would not deem the pair appropriate.