Part 2


Greetingsare key aspect of the American society. In America, new ways ofgreetings are being devised everyday informed by developing slanglanguage unique to different regions. As such, one must be aware offormal and informal greetings and how to respond appropriately. Herein the US, there are different forms of greetings that apply toinformal and formal settings. Among the youth and urban people thevariety of informal greetings is wide with “what’s up” and “Hi”being common. Formal greetings include “Hello”, “How are you?”or “How’s it going?” Therefore, it is important as a visitor tofamiliarize yourself with the different forms of greetings and howthey apply do different contexts. I would discourage you from makingassumptions informed by your own cultural background about someaspects in greetings. For instance, greeting strangers in somesocieties maybe unwelcome but in the US it is common. In fact, asimple “hi” to a stranger can start up new friendship. Otherforms of greetings such as a bow common among Chinese and Japanese isnot recognizable as a greeting here in America and should be avoided.Therefore, learn from the people on how, when and where to usegreetings. Where you are not sure about it, you can always ask fromfriends or centers set up to guide new students.


Anotheraspect worth reminding you about is about everybody’s culture. Asyou might tell from my writing, I am product my own culturalbackground. This means that how I perceive things is not necessarilyhow you should perceive them. In essence, what you should try toachieve during your stay here at MSU and the US is to blend in withpeople. You as well might say do as they do to be part of thesociety. Nonetheless, it does not mean losing your identity. Yourpersonality is yours and people should learn to deal with it.

Allin all, I hope that you enjoy your stay here at MSU and that you getto learn and interact with people. Remember that all that I saidregarding adapting to our culture here is to ease your life and helpyou interact and be part of this new community. Once again welcome toMSU and I hope you enjoy your new experiences here. I look forward tomeeting you.