In chapter nine, let us discuss on corporate espionage as it relatesto workplace security. Foremost, we should begin by understanding theterms corporate espionage and workplace security. The former meansthe practice of getting information from a competitor, also calledspying illegally whereas the latter is the personal security for theworkers in their workplaces on basis of health and safety [ CITATION Hed05 l 1033 ].

Studies reveal that due to the fierce competition among industries,they put up measures to intensify employee monitoring, which have theresult as creating distrust in the workplace. Constant monitoring ofemployees, although productive, creates stress within the employeesand end up feeling that they are under pressure, distrusted and mayresult to low labor turnover. The corporate world ought to detercorporate espionage activities and also build trusting relationshipsin the workplace so as to create more productivity among employees.

In chapter ten, the discussion focuses on disaster recovery as itrelates to workplace security. Disasters are inevitable, but can beplanned for in advance hence the security of the workplace has to bekey in the preparation [ CITATION Law10 l 1033 ]. Some of thedisaster recovery measures include, adhering to the rules andregulations of Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA),compliance to industry regulations, constant delivery of services andpreparing for the unexpected.

In a business scenario, a disaster is the disruption of all or someparts of a business that directly results into losses. In todeal with disasters, a strategic recovery plan has to instituteoperations in the workplace to minimize such disasters. Communicationin the workplace during a disaster is key. According to Webber &ampWallace (2010), vertical and horizontal communication should beefficient and effective at the workplace among the employees andemployers to reduce the disaster risks.


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