Order Disorder



Engineershave been in the forefront of manipulating and harnessing variousforms of energy. For instance, they have been capable of transformingvarious forms of energy, which has left an impact on human life. Takefor instance engineers have been in a position to get energy fromwind and steam. Besides, engineers have been in a position totransform one form of energy into another. For example, they havebeen in a position to change potential energy into kinetic and lightenergy. This implies that engineers have been successful inharnessing and manipulating energy. This has been exceedinglyimportant to the existence of humans because it has made life easier.For example, light and heat energy have been capable of making lifeeasy because people make use of this energy in cooking and lightingamongst other roles.

Energyis vital in life in almost every sphere of life, man needs to useenergy in doing various things. In fact, energy has become a keyingredient in all sectors of the modern economy. Energy is criticalto man because it is useful for working and living. Industries needenergy in order to carry out the daily activities such as heating andlighting. It has become exceedingly difficult to do without light inindustries and homes. This has made the use of energy critical in theexistence of man. Energy has been used in constructing structuresthat protect humans. Such structures include alarms and electricfences among others. It is difficult for such structures to functionwithout energy. Besides, in constructing them, it is necessary tohave energy since it is required in joining the different parts.Therefore, energy has become indispensable in constructing variousstructures that protect human beings.

Energycan be defined as the capacity of doing work. The food that humanseat is transformed into energy, which gives humans the ability towork (Hinrichs&ampKleinbach,2013). It is very hard for humans to work without energy this is thereason why energy is considered vital for providing the capacity towork. Energy is considered useful because it is not possible to workwithout it. Humans cannot be in a position to make any movementwithout energy. Energy is important for heating and lighting, whichare two critical elements in the life of humans. This is becausealmost everything revolves around lighting and heating. For example,humans use cars, trolleys, planes and machinery in attending tovarious daily activities. Without energy, it could be very difficultto carry out daily activities. This makes energy to be useful tohumans since it has to be involved in almost every aspect of humanexistence.

GottfriedLeibniz became engaged in physics and mathematics research. Heextended the work of Huygens from kinematics to dynamics. In hiswork, he developed calculus although his results were publishedafter Newton’s, his notation emerged superior to Newton’s. Thisincluded the derivative notation and integral sign, which are stillin use today. Gottfried Leibniz made various contributions to thestudy of differential equations, where he discovered the technique ofseparating variables, reduction of homogeneous equations, and theprocedure of solving first order linear equations. Besides, GottfriedLeibniz was also involved in investigating the living force.According to his investigations, if one could harness the livingforce, it could be possible to give mankind unimaginable power.According to Leibniz, the living force can be seen as the source ofpower to mankind.

DenisPapin came up with the idea that a force pump could maintain freshair and pressure inside a diving bell. Papin constructed a model of apiston steam engine in 1690 and developed a second steam engine in1705 with the help of Leibniz (Leibnizet al, 1988). The second steam engine utilized steam pressure insteadof atmospheric pressure. Later, Papin constructed a ship that waspowered by a steam engine and was mechanically linked to paddles. Theworks of Papin helped in putting heat into some useful action since,through his works, he was capable of developing steam engine thataided in making work easier. This has been critical to humans becauseit has assisted in carrying out activities that seemed difficultprior to the construction of the steam engine.

Carnotis recognized for his work in developing heat engine. The Carnotengine became developed through the principle of thermodynamics. Fromthe Carnot’s work, there are two bodies, A and B, which are kept ata constant temperature. However, the temperature of body A is highercompared to that of body B. The two bodies exercise the role of twounlimited reservoirs of caloric (Gillispie,2014). From his work, Carnot explains how motive power can beobtained through carrying a certain amount of heat from body A tobody B. According to Carnot, motive power emanates from the fall ofheat from a hot body to a cold body. When acting like a heat engine,Carnot cycle comprises of different steps, which include isothermalheat absorption or addition isentropic expansion of the gasisothermal heat rejection and isentropic work input.

Accordingto the law of entropy, all systems that are left unattended willeventually run-down or decay (Arnheim,1971). It is exceedingly difficult to defeat entropy on the surfacebecause it is a physical force. Unless new energy becomes supplied,entropy will automatically win. In order for humans to continueenjoying good lives, it is critical to pump new energy (Thess,2011). In case the universe will stay unattended, there is alikelihood that the universe will eventually die. The manner in whichenergy is presently organized or disorganized will influence the waythe universe will be capable of maintaining its energy. Therefore, itis not possible to escape entropy. In order to ensure that there isorder in the universe, it is critical for humans to maintain order bynot leaving things unattended.


Energyis the capacity of doing work. Without energy, it can be exceedinglydifficult for humans to carry out daily activities. The food thathumans eat is transformed into energy, which gives humans the abilityto work. Energy can be considered useful since it is the chief reasonwhy humans are capable of continuing with their daily activities. Forinstance, without energy, it can be difficult for humans to cook oreven operate some machines (Hinrichs&ampKleinbach,2013). Besides, energy is critical for lighting. Therefore, energyemerges as a critical aspect in the lives of humans. Hence, energy isvital in life in almost every sphere of life, man needs to useenergy in doing various things. In fact, energy has become a keyingredient in all sectors of the modern economy.


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