Orchestra concert David Kim


Orchestraconcert: David Kim


David Kim is a renowned violinisthaving performed at various concerts around the world. In most caseshe has performed alongside the Philadelphia orchestra as the soloist.One of his famous performances is a composition by PyotrIlyich Tchaikovsky named violin Concerto. This composition was written in 1878 and hasbeen deemed to be very tricky for violinists. The composition is inthree parts, allegro moderato (D major), Canzonetta: Andante (Gminor), Finale: Allegro vivacissimo (D major).

In one of his performances ofthis composition, Kim played his role well as the soloist. Theperformance begins with the d major which is a combination of fastand medium tones. As per the composition, the transition into thenext phase is seamless. In this particular performance, it isunnoticeable to the commoner. This is because there is no pausingbetween the phases. In total, the performance took about 35 minutes.As a soloist, David Kim was at the center of the performance andguided the orchestra well. He seems to enjoy the performance evenmore that the rest of the orchestra. One notable thing also is hisdramatic facial expression and general body language in theperformance. By performing while standing as a soloist, he is abetter position to portray his movement that the rest of the seatedorchestra.

The performance is one of themost diverse I have ever listened or even watched. The man seems tohave mastered well his violin and it is in fact a part of him. Hisbody language is also very helpful as it brings in a lot of emotionto the performance that cannot be achieved otherwise. I thinktherefore that other performers should borrow from him on how toengage the body language in the performance.