Olivia Wyle



3October 2014

DearMs. Olivia:

Wehave received the complaint you raised on September 15, 2014regarding the camera that you bought for your family vacation. As thesales manager for Alta Cameras, I regret to hear that it was faulty.it is the company policy to offer our customers with goods that arefit for their purpose and we, therefore, regret that the camera thatyou purchased from us was faulty.

Inyour letter, you have asked for a replacement of the camera. Throughout our years of experience in supplying Alta cameras, we havenot heard of any complaints that the cameras were faulty or comeacross a similar problem as the one you had. We are, therefore,confident to say that this is an isolated case that we highly regret.

Ourcompany ensures that every customer is satisfied and that itaddresses all their concerns. For this issue, I will ensure that youget a replacement for the camera without any extra fee. To facilitatethis replacement, you are required to go to your local branch withthis letter and the broken camera as proof of this the authorizationto replace the camera. The address for your local store is 2331 NEHarrison Avenue, Portland, Oregon.

Asnoted, this is an isolated case that we highly regret, and we hopethat you will be happy with the replacement. Kindly walk in to thestore at your convenience and during business hours and the staffthere will attend to you. I would also wish to notify you that youcan get to me through the phone for any inquiries during businesshours. You can reach me on 888-531-2350.






3October 2014

DearMs. Ella:

Inthe past three years, our organization has worked together with yourschool to sponsor a few needy students. We have always feltencouraged when the students who are beneficiaries of this programare able to go through their secondary school education and becomegreat people in the society. The cooperation that we have had withyour school has been great. This opportunity to sponsor the brightbut needy students in your school has been a worthwhile experienceand a learning opportunity for all of us.

However,we regret to inform the school management through you that we are notable to continue funding this program. This is because some of thepeople who funded this program from our office have left the officefor other ventures and will thus not be able to donate funds for theprogram. Those of us left in the office cannot comfortably sustainthe program. For us to achieve the objectives we set for this, wecannot do without enough funds. We would wish that all the studentswho are in this project still continue to benefit from it, but wecannot do this with lesser funds.

Weregret that due to these reasons this program cannot continue thisyear until we give you further correspondence in the future. Kindlypass this message to the school management to avoid anyinconvenience. We deeply regret to inform you this, and we hope thatthere will be people to pick up on the project to ensure that thestudents still continue getting the sponsorship.