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October16, 2014.

TitleOlive oil and body fats

Researchquestion:Does olive oil cause buildup of body fats?

Proposedthesis statement Although,Oliveoil is considered among the world’s healthiest foods, there arecontentions on whether olive oil leads to body fat buildup.


Thedebate on whether olive oil leads to the accumulation of body fatsillustrates the salient gaps in information about saturated andunsaturated fats. The human body requires fats, but to much-saturatedfats lead to high Cholesterol levels and eminent risks to heartdisease (Nelson,2014).However, not all fats are harmful even when taken in excess thesefats are the unsaturated fats that help in lowering cholesterollevels in the blood. Olive oil is one among the most recommendedunsaturated fats for nutritional and health benefits(Martín-Peláez, Covas, Fitó, Kušar &amp Pravst, 2013).

Researchand information

Accordingto Mayo Clinic, there are numerous types of dietary fats butunsaturated fats such as olive oil does not lead to high cholesterollevels (LDL) like the saturated fat(Nelson, 2014).Olive oil falls in a group of monounsaturated fats (MUFA) thatimproves blood cholesterol that lowers the risk of heart diseases.Several studies report that, consumption of unsaturated fats reducescholesterol levels in the body.

Concurrently,there are other studies that have found that extended use ofunsaturated fats such as olive oils lead to the accumulation of bodyfats in similar way observed with saturated fats(Hady,Eduardo,Castro,Garduño-Siciliano&amp Quevedo,2013).This observation concurs with other study findings that long-term fatintake lead to obesity and accumulation of body fats regardless offat composition unsaturated or saturated (Martín-Peláez,Covas, Fitó, Kušar &amp Pravst, 2013).However, the consensus is that, consumption of unsaturated fats suchas olive oil enhances the reduction of cholesterol levels in the body(Nelson,2014).


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