October 30th, 2014


TheHonorable Richard Gordon, Chair

AssemblyCommittee on Business, Professions and Consumer Protection

1020N Street, Room 383

Sacramento,CA 95814

Re:AB 496 – Requires LGBT Cultural Proficiency for Health CareProfessionals

DearRepresentative Rich Gordon,

Iam a constituent of Mateo County that you represent. I am happy toback the AB 496 that you are sponsoring as it emphasizes that thepresent cultural professional training for healthcare experts such asdentists and doctors should incorporate healthcare provisionconcerning lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) matters. Thebill also recommends selection of an LGBT society representative inthe current task force dealing with cultural experience for dentistsand doctors. I am an enthusiastic member of California NursesAssociation. Our intention is ensuring that we provide professionalmedical care to everyone, but the LGBT community often receiveinadequate or unfair service because the treatment providers lack theessential skills for serving the society (Gordon 1). I am glad thatyou sponsored the bill because it will ensure that our employersfacilitate the special training we need for serving the LGBT peopleeffectively. Besides, I believe that the healthcare services willimprove significantly since California has many transgenderindividuals who cannot access quality medical care (Gordon 1).

Forseveral years, the LGBT community blames the healthcare professionalsfor failing to provide them with quality healthcare services.However, the main barrier is that the dentists and doctors lackrelevant skills required for addressing the LGBT society effectivelyas there was no statutory regulation that necessitated the doctors toacquire training intended for the group. I support that thehealthcare professionals should discuss on effective methods forproviding LGBT community treatment services because my formerclassmate in high school claimed that he shot randomly in a schoolbecause other students bullied him because of his sexual orientation.He also killed our school’s doctor because he was responsible forleaking information that he was gay. If dentists and doctors canlearn to maintain secrecy of sexual orientation of LGBT students, myclassmate would not be behind the bars now.

Thepresent law formed the Task Force on Culturally and LinguisticallyCompetent Physicians and Dentists. The new policy requires that someof the members that will form the taskforce are authorized doctors inCalifornia. The former policy discriminated the LGBT communitybecause it ensured that ethnic and language minority groups wererepresented in the task force to ensure that the professionalsdiscuss effective methods of ensuring they receive quality medicalcare (Gordon 1). Luckily, the discrimination is about to end sincethe new task force ensures to discuss and provide recommendations torelevant boards and licensing organizations responsible forimplementing equitable medical services.

Iunderstand that some doctors and dentists might resist adopting theregulation for some time. Nevertheless, I want to confirm that manyhealthcare professionals, including nurses, support the bill. I havepersonally been educating the society on the significance oftolerance and educating the medical experts on relevant issues thatinfluence affecting the LGBT community. As a nurse, I haveencountered several LGBT patients seeking various medical servicesranging from venereal diseases to teeth services. I am willing to beamong the first volunteers to seek cultural proficiency for LGBTpatients.

Ifopposition to prevent implementation of the task force would arise,you can count on me to mobilize the nurses, LGBT community, and otheraffected people to join a demonstration to ensure that the doctorsembrace acquiring specialized skills necessary for providing LGBTpatients with quality treatment services.

AB496 is an influential policy that is bound to change the healthcareindustry towards the LGBT persons. The taskforce making it mandatoryfor the healthcare providers to discuss required qualities of LGBTtreatment services will ensure that the members of the community areno longer subjected to discrimination.


Gordon,Richard. AB 496 – LGBT Cultural Competency for Health Care Providers.EqualityCalifornia,24th Assembly District. 2014. Print.