Novotel Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel


NovotelSuvarnabhumi Airport Hotel

NovotelSuvarnabhumi Airport Hotel

Thehospitality industry faces many challenges and issues that may hinderthe achievement of the industry goals. The employees of thehospitality industry who work in various capacities (as managers andcustomer service workers) face certain issues. The case of NovotelSuvarnabhumi Airport Hotel revolves around the story of a hotel buildnext to the terminal of the airport. The hotel is strategicallylocated since it is aimed at attracting those who use the airport.The hotel consists of many food outlets, rooms for guests, as well asconference halls, all built with the aim of attracting a huge numberof travelers who use the airport. Several companies in thehospitality industry applied for a contract to manage the hotel uponthe opening of the tender for the hotel management. The tender forthe management of the hotel was awarded to Accor-Universal ManagementGroup (Smith and Goodwin, 2007).

Fromthe case, it is evident that there are many challenges that face thehospitality industry. This is because the company that took the hotelmanagement found out that operational challenges were rife in thehotel. This emanated from lack of proper coordination between theoperation, construction, as well as development of the hotel. Withsuch challenges, it meant that the group that took over managementhad to deal with the shortcomings and try to find solutions to thechallenges. From case, it can be concluded that managing agovernment-owned facility in the hospitality industry is quitechallenging and calls for patience on the part of the managers. Basedon the class topics and the case, development and operation have tobe aligned in the hospitality industry. With such alignment, it ispossible to achieve the set objectives (Evans&amp Evans, 2009).


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