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November1, 2014

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Dear(head of the business department),


Iam a fourth-year graduate student specializing in Accounting andFinance expecting to graduate with Master of Commerce at the end ofthis semester. Since I joined this institution, I have acquired vastskills in the field that I believe will set a firm base for my futurecareer and ambitions to provide above reproach service to our greatnation.

Iam penning this letter to request a due process hearing of the finalgrade I have scored. The instructor assigned me an average ‘gradeD’ while the final exam result indicates “N” that implies Ihave failed. I believe I have a valid explanation that would make youreconsider the grade.

Oneof the reasons I am not satisfied with my assignments’ marks isthat I received the feedback for my previous assignment so late thatI had already submitted the second one. This implies that I could notprevent or improve the mistakes that the instructor had recommendedas I had not reviewed the comments on time. I am mainly concernedwith the fact that I revised the course according to the coursecoordinator’s opinion in the third assignment, but I still receiveda poor grade (Bell &amp Bush, 2002).

Thefirst time I received my assignment, I visited the internationaloffice in search of confidential remark concerning my assignment.However, I realized that the consultation would not be confidentialbecause the individual who would change my grade would inform mylecturer that he or she has altered the score he originally assigned.I decided to avoid using this alternative because it would appear Iam undermining my instructor, and the action might affect my futurescores negatively (Bell &amp Bush, 2002).

Afterlearning of the grade I scored, I joined a group of students that hadsimilar complaints. We presented our grievances to the unitcoordinator as is the protocol of this institution. However, hedeclined discussing or even clarifying the cause of the problem to us(Bell &amp Bush, 2002). We also sought intervention of the coursecoordinator in solving the issue, but she was unable to assist us asshe has no authority to solve the problem.

Forthe above reasons, I am writing to book an appointment with the headoffice of the business school. I believe my instructor has acted inviolation of grading ethics that has in turn affected my final gradeadversely (Bell &amp Bush, 2002).

Iam looking forward to hearing from you soon. You can reach me on thetelephone I have in my address or through my email address. Thankyou.




Bell,L., &amp Bush, T. (2002). Theprinciples and practice of educational management.London [u.a.: Paul Chapman.