Nova Documentary Judgement Day Intelligent Design

NovaDocumentary Judgement Day: Intelligent Design

NovaDocumentary Judgement Day: Intelligent Design

Intelligentdesign is a theory that state that various forms of life are createdby designing intelligence. Charles Darwin and other supporters of thetheory believe that many features of living organisms are complex(PBS Airdate,2007).Therefore, there is no way that they had initially evolved throughthe normal and natural process of evolution. Instead, they believemost aspects of organisms were created and formed by intelligentdesigner. Therefore, intelligent design is a new theory that opts toreplace the evolution theory.

Intelligentdesign is not science. It is easy to disapprove the theory by justobserving its primitive intermediate form that is not natural. Inaddition, it is possible for scientists to interfere with thehypothesis and make people believe that the Intelligent Designerinstalled the new structure. Therefore, intelligent design cannot beequal to material science. Furthermore, a scientific theory has thepower of prediction. However, intelligent design does not have anyexplanation for observation of the complex structure. According toKelvin Padian, intelligent design is not a scientific concept neithera field of science.

KennethMiller gives an example of mousetrap machine to show that it is notirreducibly complex. The machine comprises of five components: thecatch, a base plate, a little hammer, a spring, and a bait holder.People believe that the mousetrap has to have all the five parts forit to work effectively (PBS Airdate,2007).Nevertheless, Kenneth tried to see how effective the machine could bewithout two parts. Surprisingly, the machine worked perfectly.

Theargument about the intelligent design to replace the Darwin’stheory of evolution did not succeed. The judges concluded thatintelligent design is a mere name for creationism. In addition, theybanned the theory on the basis that it is religious in nature.Nevertheless, the intelligent design theory has received positivefeedback from several scientific organizations.


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