Neechie Gear; Growing for Success


NeechieGear Growing for Success


  1. Introduction – this will introduce the company and what is expected to be covered in the paper

  2. Strengths of the Company – strengths of the company will be discussed in terms of suppliers, customers, competitors, public and company

  3. Weaknesses of the Company – weaknesses of the company will be discussed in this section

  4. Threats of the Company – here, the threats that face the company will be discussed

  5. Opportunities Facing the Company – different opportunities that the company has will be discussed in attaining success in its operations

  6. Conclusion – this will provide a summary of the key points discussed in the paper.

  7. References

NeechieGear is a company offering unique and trendy sport clothing. Thecompany has its location in Western Canada and has a prospect ofbecoming the most successful Aboriginal apparel brand in WesternCanada and eventually in the entire Canada. This paper will discussstrengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats that the companyhas in attaining success.

Strengthsof the Company


Thecompany has a strength in terms of competitors since there are fewcompetitors in the market offering similar products. The owner of thecompany is viewed as the face of the brand this provides a strengthto the company because no competitor could copy the owner’s idea ofbeing the face of the brand.


Thecompany has a lot of suppliers that can help in changing the supplychain of the company. The availability of many suppliers gives thecompany the opportunity of choosing the suppliers that can provideapparels at a considerable price. This is critical in determining theprice that the company can charge for its products. Besides, this iscritical in ensuring that the company meets the rising demand of itscustomers.


Thecompany has a lot of customers. Within a very short duration, afterthe start of the business, the number of customers had increasedtremendously. Through the use of multiple Facebook and Twittercampaigns, the number of customers following the company had grownremarkably. Besides, the number of customers of the company is vastbecause the company provides sports apparel to customers of all ages.


Locationof the company also provides a strength to the company. The companyis located in a well populated area this provides the company withan opportunity of growing its customer base since the area is wellpopulated. Besides, the population surrounding the company isprojected to increase, which gives the company a strength inincreasing its customer base.


Thecompany has adopted the use of Facebook and Twitter in itspromotional campaigns. This is of importance since it helps thecompany in minimizing its operating costs. Besides, through using thesocial media, the company has been capable of receiving feedbacksfrom its customers, which is critical in enhancing the services andproducts offered to customers. This entails a strength to the companysince it can be in a position to improve its services throughfeedbacks from its customers.


Brandname is also an important strength to the company. After theestablishment of the business, the company has been in a position tobuild its brand in Western Canada. On the other hand, the owner ofthe business has made the brand name of the company recognizedthrough personally promoting the brand. Most customers in the WesternCanada have identified with the brand, which is critical to thecompany in earning revenue.

Weaknessesof the Company

Oneof the weaknesses of the company is that the company has fewemployees. The company has not been in a position to hire manyemployees due to financial constraints. Because of the few employees,the company has overburdened the owner with most of the work(Marsden, 2014). This can make the company not be in a position ofserving its customers in a better way. Another weakness facing thecompany is that it lacks skilled employees. The owner of the companyhas not been in a position of hiring skilled employees this couldaffect the manner in which the company is run. Because of theunskilled employees, the company may not be capable of handlingsignificant issues that require technicalities. This may affect thesuccess of the company. Another weakness facing the company is thatit has a brand name, which is associated with languages from morelocal regions this makes it difficult for the company’s brand tohold in other provinces.


Thecompany has an opportunity of realizing growth and increasing itsrevenues. The revenue that a company will earn is usually determinedby the customers that seek the products of the company. Thepopulation of the area, where the company is located is projected toincrease. The increase of the population is likely to increase thenumber of customers that will identify with the company. It isthrough this increase that the company has an opportunity ofenhancing its revenues emanating from the increasing population. Asthe revenues of the company increase, the company will realizegrowth. On the other hand, the company has an opportunity ofexpanding its market size. The company is targeting other markets,which will provide the company with an opportunity of expanding itsmarket size. Besides, because of the availability of suppliers, thecompany has an opportunity of changing its supply chain. The companycan change its supply chain in order to mitigate the cost ofacquiring and designing the sports apparel.


Oneof the threats facing the company is financial constraints. Thecompany has a desire of expanding, but it has financial constraints.On the other hand, due to financial constraints, the company cannotbe capable of hiring skilled workers (Saskatchewan, 2012). This canhave the effect of influencing the manner in which critical decisionsare made during the time of providing labor. Another threat facingthe company is competition from other companies that will enter themarket. Other companies dealing with sport apparels are likely toemerge in the future, which may increase competition in the market.In addition, continually growing the brand is giving pressure to thecompany. Failure to grow the brand of the company may have an impacton the profitability of the company. As the brand declines in itsrecognition, the profitability of the company will also decline.


TheNeechie Gear Company has an opportunity of attaining success in themarket. This emanates from the strengths that the company has forinstance, due to the location of the company, the company stands at agood position of achieving success in the market because of thepopulation of the market. The population of the area, where thecompany is located is projected to increase. The increase of thepopulation is likely to increase the number of customers that willidentify with the company (Sicard,2012).On the other hand, the company has a well built brand name. The ownerof the company has been in a position to build the brand name of thecompany through using the social media. The company has anopportunity of expanding its market size. The company is targetingother markets, which will provide the company with an opportunity ofexpanding its market size. In its marketing efforts, the threecritical issues affecting the marketing efforts of the company arefinancial constraints, the brand name being associated with languagesfrom more local regions, and pressure in continually growing thebrand name of the company. These are critical issues since oncesolved the company can attain success.


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