National Health System versus the Affordable Care Act


NationalHealth System versus the Affordable Care Act

NationalHealth System versus the Affordable Care Act

Thenational health system act presented by congress John Conyersproposed to set up a single-payer health care system in the US ofAmerica. The health care system would be equivalent of the Taiwanhealthcare system, United Kingdom and Canada Health care system. In asingle-health payer system, all medical needs and care would beprovided and paid for by the US Government. The single- payer healthsystem would end the dependence on private health insurance schemes.

TheSingle – payer national health system would be provided and paidfor partially through taxes by replacing most of the privateinsurance premiums. In addition to that, savings realized by thepreventative universal healthcare and the elimination of Privateinsurance companies cost would help finance the healthcare system.

Thebest effect of a single government national health system is reducedcosts effect. For example, the Canadian health care system which haslittle bureaucracy has a lower cost than the current PatientProtection and Affordable Care system that was signed by PresidentObama. The Single – payer healthcare in the US is expected to save $350 annually.

Withthe implementation Affordable Care Act, it’s evident that otherstakeholders hold other views. The Act aims at increasing theaffordability and quality of the health insurance. The act proposedto lower health cost for the government, and individuals expand bothprivate and public health insurance covers and lower health insurancerates(Senate, 2012).In my view the Affordable Care Act is expensive, disrupts the healthcare system and undermines the fair market mechanism in the US,therefore, not suitable.

Inconclusion, the Single –payer health system is the best option forthe United states compared to the Affordable care Act. Single –PayerHealth has been tested and practiced in many countries like Canada,Taiwan and United Kingdom with great success being documented. Inaddition to that, the single – payer health system results in moresaving than the Affordable care Act.


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