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Whatis a Hero?

Howdo Other People Define the Concept of a Hero?

Otherpeople`s definition of the concept of a hero is influenced by theacts of individuals in critical circumstances. Such criticalcircumstances, usually, present moments that require an act thatappear extra-ordinary (Prince 11). For instance, a football playermay score the only goal that decides the outcome of a decisive match.A rights activist may become vocal about the things he or shebelieves the government is doing wrong. The people who are commonlyviewed as heroes are war fighters, firefighters and rescuers amongother groups (Prince 11). In all the circumstances, there is,usually, a person or a group of people who put their lives in theline to act as saviors. These people perceive heroes as people whostand above the rest. They also view heroes as the people who arealways available to do things that other people would not be willingto do (Prince 11). The elements that define heroism include bravery,selflessness and a willingness to risk physical health status amongothers.

PersonalPerception of Heroism

Myperception of heroism share most elements of description with thetypical understanding of the same. For instance, a hero should besomeone who is willing to put his or her life in line for to save adifficult moment. Heroes exist in different moments of life. Thereare war heroes, football heroes, medical heroes and political heroesamongst others.

Myperception of heroism differs from the typical perception in oneaspect the motive of the acts. Whereas people may reject directpayment after an act of heroism, they may harbor hidden motives thatseek recognition and status in the society. Heroic status in thesociety commands all sorts of support from other people. Some peoplemay perform heroic acts for political reasons. In this situation, theheroic act is a campaign strategy. Politicians contribute large sumsof money or materials to needy schools and communities to attract theaffection of the common people. Other reasons for performing heroicacts include concealing an individual’s unethical activities,belonging in the society and gaining a higher social status amongothers

However, a true hero should be the person who acts out of puremotivation. Pure motivation refers to the urge that comes fromcompassion and love. Pure motivation does not originate from the urgeto exceed others. Most of the time, heroism occurs once and inun-scheduled manner. It is not a choice. It happens by chance becausepeople don’t predict difficult moments in life.

TheCharacters in the Selections

InBodega Dreams novel, Bodega is a not a real hero despite behavinglike one. He is a drug lord who gives out money to save desperatesituations in the society where he resides. His visions involvedtransforming Harlem into a prosperous society. However, the heroicacts are cancelled by the fact that he expects loyalty in return.While the vision to transform Harlem was a noble idea, the fact thathe expected people to be loyal to him ruined everything. In myunderstanding of a hero, he was not a hero. A hero is someone who ismotivated to save a situation without expecting anything in return.

Inthe ‘Train from Hate’ novel, John’s mother is a true herobecause she prevented hatred despite being looked down upon by thewhite conductor. She transferred the same attributes to her childrenby encouraging them to rise above hatred that racism brings. In anormal circumstance, it would be easy to hate the white conductorthat escorted them out of the train simply because they wereBlack-Americans. The prisoners misjudged Hard Rock`s toughpersonality for heroism. He stood up against certain injusticesbecause he was among the inmates that they included. The poemportrays the stereotyped perception surrounding the concept ofheroism in the society.


NelsonMandela spent a long period in jail because he fought for theliberation of South Africa. When the chance finally came for him tobe the president, he did so for only a term and then resigned fromactive politics. His case portrays a man whose principal agenda wasto fight for freedom on behalf of South African people. In normalcircumstance, he would have stayed in power like other Africanleaders for a bit longer.

BenCarson is considered as a hero by many people. His motive forexcelling as a surgeon existed in the urge to become the best in hiswork. He was driven by the motive of becoming the most successfulsurgeon in the world. His mother mentored him towards becomingsuccessful. Part of the motive originates from the poor backgroundthat he had.

Howdo Heroes Relate to their Societies?

Heroesare highly regarded in the society. The society also expects a lotfrom them in terms of behavior (Prince 12). The expectation on heroesis that they should not make mistakes. Any slight mistake wouldtrigger criticism of higher magnitude. They also expect heroes to beselfless all the time. A hero is also someone that the societyexpects to use whenever a tough situation occurs.


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