My Life Plan

MyLife Plan

MyLife Plan


Creatinga personal life plan is significant because it offers a person thedirection of life. It simply helps an individual to achieve his/herintended future goals effectively. A person may consider writing alife plan merely to figure out his/her priorities and determine thegoals to achieve in life.Boss (2012) argues that every individualneeds to develop a rational life plan in order to get the most out oflife. Therefore, this essay attempts to present the effective sixsteps of creating an effective personal life plan.


Ipossess a number of personal values in my life some of which havelittle significant while others have great impact in my life. Thesevalues range from ordinary such as belief in hard working to morepsychological such as self-reliance, harmony, and self-reliance(Boss, 2012). Boss (2012) argues that understanding personal values,interests, talents, and skills can enable one to solve common humanissues in day-to-day life. Personal values are ethical values thathelps an individual to develop sense of what is most imperative inlife.The significant values that I possess include generosity,friendship, commitment, collaboration, creativity, determination,privacy, competence, trust, well-being, family feeling, health,prosperity, tranquility, empathy, euphoria, solving problems, andspirituality in life.


Learningagility, listening, and communication skills are among thesignificant strengths that I possess. I can learn and adjust tochanges or new situations very faster. Interpersonal communicationand learning skills are among the best personal traits in my life. Iam also self-motivated, hardworking, and determined towards achievingsuccess. Without determination and motivation, it is even quitedifficult for a person to achieve future goals successfully.


Inmy life, I always get angry when someone wastes my valuable time andother resources. I can also get angry when injustice is done to anyhardworking and honest person. I also hate people who depend onothers so I can get angry easily to such people and this might affectrelationships with others.

Short-termand Long-term Goals

Theshort-term goals are something that a person want to do in the nearfuture or accomplish soon whereas long-term are those that requiretime and planning (Boss, 2012). Therefore, some of the short-termgoals I want to accomplish soon by the time I graduate include takinga volunteer job in any heath care related field, preparing mycurriculum vital in order to start applying for jobs, and helping theneedy people in the community. However, my long term goals includesecuring a better job in the health care organization, raising afamily, became a millionaire, and establishing my own health careindustry to offer effective care services to the local community.

ActionPlan to Achieve Short-term Goals

Thefirst week of my graduation I will volunteer myself to Red Crossorganization and start working as a volunteer. The second week, Iwill begin helping the needy people in the society immediately uponmy graduation. There are many organizations helping the needy peoplein the society so I will join them in the second week after mygraduation. Moreover, I will begin drafting my curriculum vitaeimmediately after my graduation and start applying for different jobsin the health care field.

ActionPlan to Achieve Long-term Goals

Iwill take managing roles in the health care field after two yearsupon my graduation. First, I will begin helping or supporting heathcare providers in the first year. Secondly, I will talk to themanaging director after six months of working in the health care inorder to determine what skills are necessary to do best in my job.Thirdly, I will attend the training program in the workingorganization for three months to gain necessary skills vital formanaging jobs in the health care sector. Moreover, after five yearsof working, I will begin raising funds through friends and relatives,as well as, borrow money from the bank to establish my own healthcareindustry to benefit the local community.


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