My Life Plan


My most important values are health, education and integrity. Healthis very important because when one is unwell, it is almost impossibleto live a happy life. I value taking care of myself in all factors.These include mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health, whichI achieve through eating healthy foods, exercising, being honest withmy feelings and loving those that love me (Boss, 2012). Education isimportant as it ensures that I learn almost everything I would wantto know. I understand that there are many interests, to realize byreading about different issues or subjects. I value education as itensures that I maintain an open mind in life. I value doing what Isay, which ensures that other individuals take me seriously. It alsomakes me gratified to tell the truth and do what I plan.

Creativity, kindness, perseverance and confidence are my strengths. Iconsider myself creative because I am able to come up with novelideas and make them real. For instance, I have been able to come upwith a creative way of reading by relating what I read to real lifesituations. This ensures that I remember what I have read and readingdoes not become boring. I am kind towards others, as I believe thatpeople should demonstrate love towards each other, which makessociety a better place to live and survive. I never give up inwhatever I do and I never doubt my capability to achieve what I setmy mind to do.

My weaknesses are impatience and lack of financial resources.Sometimes I get impatient when something fails to work out, as Iwould expect. This is because I feel that things should always workout in a certain way. Lack of financial resources is a majorconstraint. It means that I have to survive on a fixed budget andwork with only what I have. At times, I wish I had enough money,which would make it easier to achieve all I desire. For instance,with enough money it would be possible to enroll for extra-curricularcourses, or attend team-building activities.

I want to pass in all my college courses and graduate with the besthonor. I value education and belief that my self-worth will increasemore by doing best what I like, which is reading and passing. As ashort-term goal, I intend to choose a major that will enable me toprogress being creative. I also intend to join a health and fitnessclub, where I will exercise daily and lead a healthy life. In theend, I intend to become a successful person. My success will bemeasured by my level of employment, ability to become financiallystable and have a secure future by investing wisely.

My short-term goals will be achieved through proper time management.Time management ensures that I have a timeline as to when I should dothings. To pass in my courses, I will create a reading timetable toguide me. Choosing a major means that I am conversant with differentmajors and select the one, I want. By allocating time to go throughdifferent majors, I will be able to make a wise decision on my major.With proper time management, I can use my free time to exercise.

Long-terms goals go in line with short-term objectives (Boss, 2012).Once short-term objectives have been attained, it becomes probable toattain the long-term. Hence, by making the long-term goals relevantand measurable, they will be achieved. I know that it is important tobecome successful, financially stable and employed, which begins byexcelling in college.


Boss, J. A. (2012). Think: Critical thinking and logic skills foreveryday life. New York: McGraw-Hill.