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My Goal

A goal refers to a preferred outcome an individual visualizes andplans to accomplish. Goals are more perceptible and act as targets toachieve in life (Rouillard, 2003). Determining one’s goals beginswith deciding what to accomplish, deriving a strategy and workingwith the strategy to attain the desired outcome. Having goals is abasic aspect to lasting success. The fundamental reason is that it isimpossible to get where one is headed without clarity on goals. Thereare many reasons why people set goals in life. They act as a mannerof measuring growth. Through goals, one is capable of measuring theirgrowth based on notable achievements within a set period. Mostimportant is that goals motivate because they are tools for focusingenergy towards positive direction (Rouillard, 2003). Goals differdepending on the individual, however they all focus on the areas ofhealth, family, financial, education/career and personal goals.

Healthy goal

Health is described as a state of being free from illness. It doesnot merely refer to outward health, rather mental, social andpsychological. Everyone wants to live well and enjoy life (Goldratt &ampCox, 2004). However, rarely do people realize the importance ofhaving healthy living as a goal in life. Individuals will frequentlyhave goals that relate to making money, professional, individualgrowth, and vehicles among others. Setting healthy goals, means thatone realizes the benefits of living long, enjoying life and stayingfree from physical pain. Apart from avoiding illnesses, being healthyprovides the energy required to live a full life, instead of justsurviving. Radiant health inspires the courage for accomplishinggreat things. When the mind and body have the best health, our viewof life alters, the globe becomes brighter, resulting in a permanentfeeling of power and joy. It also becomes possible to triumph overlife challenges by making mentally healthy decisions.

I realize that healthy living is a very significant goal in my life.It also takes a lot of effort to ensure that I maintain a healthylifestyle, which means making it a lifetime commitment. It isdifficult to get the time, as well as motivation required to dedicateoneself to eating well and working out often. This is because Irealize that if one has good health, it is also possible to achieveall other life goals. In order to ensure that I live healthy, Iexercise and eat healthy diets. The relevance of diet cannot beunderestimated in ensuring a healthy life. The food one consumersdetermined the nutrients, vitamins and minerals the body stores. Foodis what makes the body function, and consuming healthy foods meansthat the best ingredients are stored in the body. This in turnimproves life quality. Making the right food choices is difficultespecially considering that we live in a society where healthy eatingis slowly fading away. There are many fast foods and junk stores,which operate day and night. They also act as an easy access to food.To avoid such unhealthy eating, I ensure that I eat fruits andvegetables. While at home, I also prepare foods that are low in fat.By so doing, I avoid diseases such as obesity and diabetes, whicharise from unhealthy eating.

I also realize the relevance of exercising in burning calories.Research demonstrates that exercising and consuming healthy foodsdually ensure one maintains a healthy weight and is capable of losingweight (Rouillard, 2003). Body muscles work perfectly when frequentlyused and build up via activity. Additionally, the heart becomesstrong and healthy when involved in cardiovascular exercise, whichincreases the heart rate for some time. Exercise is the perfect wayof ensuring that one losses the unwanted fat in the body whichcollects over time. I exercise on a daily basis through jogging forhalf an hour early in the morning. In addition, I also ensure that Iopt to walk instead of using a vehicle especially when moving to aplace that is a short distance. Frequent exercising effectivelyensures that one reduces the possibility of illnesses like high bloodpressure.

Family goal

As soon as a child is born, the first people to meet are familymembers. These people will take care of the young life and nurturethem to become someone great in society. Family refers to a socialunit staying harmoniously. They do not have to live together in thesame house, but are from the same lineage. The family is the initiallearning place for all persons in this globe. Beginning fromchildhood to adulthood, people learn from families by observing andcopying what others do (Goldratt &amp Cox, 2004). As a child growsin a family, they learn important things like loving, behavior andcoping in life. Man, as a social being, is incapable of staying onhis own for a long period. It is always necessary to have companyfrom fellow humans. The family acts as the best company. This isbecause the love that grows within a family lasts all through life.Especially in a globe full of chaos and improbability, it isnecessary to have a family, which one can depend on. All achievementsexperienced in life are first shared with family. When in trouble,the only people to look up to are the family.

The family structure functions like a chain. Younger persons learnfrom the old. Once children become adults, they marry and bearchildren who learn from them. It is also how life progresses from onegeneration to another. Having a family as a goal is very importantfor me. I desire to have people that will always be there to rescueme when in need and people that will always help in diverse mannerseither financially or morally. It is also possible to share life’schallenges with family because one is able to find the best manner ofsolving the challenges. I realize that it is difficult to make it inlife without the support of loving people, who can only be family.With all the effort one puts in school and developing a career, it isonly important that the returns be shared with important people inlife.

I consider having a family as a blessing. When I meet individualsthat have lost family members, or have no family, it is possible tonotice their imbalanced personality. Since they have no one to lookup to, many times they make decisions on their own, which may beinappropriate in life. My parents have given me the best guidance inlife by nurturing me to become aware of what is right or wrong. Thereare numerous instances when I have looked back and realized thatwithout a family I would not have made it thus far in life. Forinstance, prior to joining college, I was always anxious of how Iwould survive and interact with people. Making new friends is noteasy, because it is difficult to trust strangers when in a newenvironment. However, with the support of my family, I was alwaysreassured that everything would work out well. My parents made aneffort to call me on a daily basis to learn how I was doing, if I hadany problems and how I was coping. Such measures encouraged me toadopt and build the confidence required to survive in college. Inprospect, I long to have a happy family of my own hence, I work harddaily to ensure that I will invest enough to be able to bring upchildren, provide for them and instill values in their life. It willalso be an opportunity to share love with the people that matter mostin life.

Education/Career goal

It is through education that one is able to develop a career.Education informs and enlightens people. As one moves from one phaseof learning to another, it becomes easier to specialize on a specificmajor, which determines the career that will be undertaken. Peopleventure into different professions for diverse reasons. There arethose that suppose that working as an engineer, for instance,resonates to earning a bigger salary as compared to working as aplumber. It is not possible to determine a specific career to followwhen growing up because dreams always change. When I was a child, Iwanted to become so many things when I grow up. However, over theyears that I have been in school, I have progressed to becoming morespecific on the career that I would want to develop.

I understand that by working hard in school and excelling in myacademics, it will be the only probable way that I will becomesuccessful in my prospect profession. I am a student that desires toacquire as much knowledge as possible. I also understand that havinga career in mind is an important goal that shapes the direction Ifollow in life. Education/career is the sure way to ensuring that Ibecome economically independent and will be able to do all that Idesire. My college course has inspired me to work hard on a dailybasis. It is a course that I am positive will ensure that I have abright future. I consider education as a must have in life. It doesnot merely open learning opportunities rather it enables one tointeract knowledgeably with other people. It is possible to tell thedifference between individuals that are learned and those that arenot. Learned persons always make decisions that are wise because theyare able to develop constructive and meaningful arguments.

The objective of goals is to shape the path that one undertakes inlife. A career goal will always ensure that all through my life, I amengaged in an activity, which makes me happy. I know that if I workhard now, I will be able to have a happy future. By learning all thatI possibly can when I have the opportunity, will ensure that I haveno future regrets as to what I may have done right or wrong. Rather,it is a sure way of shaping my future towards a path that will not beregretful. As I go to school daily, I admire individuals that driveto work, people that have made it in life and are able to establishmajor businesses. I aspire to become someone that people will alsoadmire and desire to achieve like me. My parents have also encouragedme to work hard, especially when I see how much their careers havecontributed towards ensuring that they provide, as with all that wedesire. Working hard, especially studying is not easy, but with agoal to succeed in life and have the best career, I will always workhard.

Financial goal

Determining what one will do with their finances is not easy. Thereis always what is planned for, but there are also things, which justhappen unexpectedly. It is possible to ensure that money is properlyused by having a proper and functioning financial goal (Goldratt &ampCox, 2004). The life that we desire is achievable when one has theneeded finances. Having an attractive house, dressing in the bestclothes, having an income generating business among other things, alldepend on the finances that one has. However, it is possible to havea lot of money but still be incapable of using the finances well.Money is a major part of one’s life and validates what one can doand how much they are capable of achieving. The ability to managefinances is a necessary step in controlling one’s life. Mostindividuals suppose that it is only probable to have money whenworking. However, the ability to manage money even when not workingdetermines the ability to manage money while working.

In the coming years, I intend to be financially independent. Thismeans that I will no longer have to depend on money given by parents.I intend to begin my financial independence through managing thealready available resources. As a college student, my parents providefor most of my needs. In some instances, they will always give memore money than I need. This has been my starting point towardsensuring that I manage my money well. With the extra money that Iget, I realize that I could choose to go out and spend on drinks orshopping as much as I would want to. However, I have decided to usethe opportunity in establishing my financial stability. I understandthat the money discipline I instill in myself currently will last foryears to come. This means that even in prospect when I have a wellpaying career, I will be able to plan and use money wisely.

I account for all the money that I use. I also ensure that I spendwhat I have. Overspending and lack of accountability largelycontribute to unexplained spending. They may also result in spendingmore than one has resulting in the accumulation of debts.Accountability also ensures that when one has extra money, they areable to save some of the money for prospect use. I have opened asavings account where I save the extra money I get. I do not intendto use the money in the near future rather, I expect that once themoney has accumulated and increased I will be able to use it wisely.In addition, I have a plan on how to use money, when and where. Sincemy financial goal is to become independent, I aspire to operate asmall business after college. In addition to the employment that Iwill be able to secure, having a business means being morefinancially stable. I have also set a plan for how I will spend myincome once I begin working. I have a list of all the things I intendto do and at what stage of my life. I realize that it is difficult toachieve everything I have planned, especially because it is difficultto predict what will happen in prospect. However, I believe that withthe proper financial plan in check and strict money management, mygoal to become financially stable is attainable.

Personal goal

Most individuals feel that they drift in the globe. Despite workinghard, they are unable to succeed as expected in life. This isattributed to the fact that they have spent less time contemplatingon what they want in life, and have failed to set personal goals.Goal setting is a prevailing procedure for contemplating of an idealprospect and for encouraging oneself to alter a vision into areality. A personal goal ensures that one has a focus in life and isable to mold their life as an individual. People are unique, and weall have differences in what we desire to achieve in life. One’saspirations may be completely different from those of anotherindividual. This is because we have different passions, hobbies andinterests. There are people who like sports while others arecompletely disinterested in engaging in any kind of sportingactivity.

My personal goal is closely related to the goals that have alreadybeen discussed. Most importantly, I aspire to lead a happy life. Ivalue happiness because being happy means that I am able to overcomelife challenges. Although at times it is difficult to maintain ahappy spirit, especially when facing challenges, I always ensure thatproblems are quickly resolved and I move on fast. Being happy alsoensures that I maintain a positive spirit in life. A positive mind inlife ensures that one makes constructive decisions. It also ensuresthat decisions made are practical and result in success. As a collegestudent, I as well realize the need to remain focused in myacademics. I intend to get the best grades, select the best major andengage in activities that are beneficial.

Most people, especially students, are influenced by peer pressure toengage in actions that end up destroying their lives. For instance,students that part a lot are unable to dedicate more time to theirstudies. This means that they fail to excel academically and spendmore years in school. Time wasted can never be recovered. That iswhy, it is important to personally decide not to engage in actionsthat will cause regret in prospect. I choose my friends wisely andensure that I avoid people that may mislead me. My personal goal alsoinvolves avoiding peer pressure at all costs. Some students mayconsider others that do not engage in behaviors considered norms asnaïve, regardless of if the conducts are beneficial. However,because I have personally decided to become the best in whatever Ido, I am not easily influenced by what other people say, provided Ihave my goals prioritized.


Goals are necessary in life as they direct people on what to do andwhat to achieve. Every individual must have goals relating to theirdesire to succeed. They may be grouped into personal, family,education, financial and health. It is one thing to set goals, andanother to ensure they are attained. Goal setting should be followedby a plan and positivity in believing that one can attain what theydesire. There are many benefits arising from having goals. Theyinclude ensuring that one has a focus in life, becoming successfuland most importantly leading a happy life. There is no appropriatetime to set goals rather, it should be something that one has in allstages of their life.


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