My Experience Visiting the San Antonio Museum of Art

MyExperience Visiting the San Antonio Museum of Art

of My Visit to the Museum

Beingan art history student, visiting San Antonio Museum of Art is one ofmy fully experiences as a student. Last month, I and a group of someother students visited the San Antonio Museum of Art to learn moreabout the museum and different cultures that are represented there.Indeed, the day was very interesting and enjoyable. For me, it was afun time been my first day to visit the place. San Antonio Museum ofArt is a historic brewery located along the banks of museum. Themuseum offers permanent collections of the Greeks, Egyptian, andRoman antiquities, as well as American paintings, Asian art and LatinAmerican art. Besides, the museum also offers various programs. Priormy visit, I thought I knew too much about ancient civilizations fromthe account of humankind. To my surprise, the only information that Ihad was just a small percentage. Actually, this opportunity offeredme a chance learn something new about the history and differentculture civilizations from the San Antonio Museum of Art.

Duringthe visit to the museum, we met some adults and children with whom wediscussed about the ancient civilizations. Everyone was overwhelmedby the greatness of the museum, various artefacts, and the historicalstories. Actually, this opportunity added me a lot of informationabout the civilizations. I would glimpse different past culture ofany part of the city in the world. The San Antonio museum severalwing which consisted of Asian, Islamic, American, and European arts.All these arts exhibited beautiful and amazing paintings each with anarchaeological significance. Even after many years of existence, SanAntonio Museum of Art buildings were beautiful. The museum managementrenovated and modernised most buildings to correspond to the modernbuildings. For instance, one of the museum staffs narrated to us howthe museum management re-envisioned it creating spacious elevatorsand more restrooms. Nevertheless, the museum still maintained its oldarchitectural styles.

Whilein museum, the director of the museum took us around the area as sheexplained more about the place. For instance, she explained about thehot cells built in 1893, which were original monster building.According to the director, the San Antonio Museum of Art officiallyopened in 1893, and later closed down. During this time, the buildingwas used for other purposes. For example, at one time the buildingwas a curtain warehouse, clinic shop, among other different kind ofstuffs. Later in 1979, the museum reopened again after a long period.At this time, different groups of people came together and came upwith this art museum. However, the museum is private with two sides.The building has Foot Bridge and Sky Bridge connecting all the floorsof the building.

Wevisited the first wing that consisted of extensive Egyptian exhibitof coins, embalming process, mummification system, hieroglyphics, andrare urns. This wing emphasised more on the renaissance art such asfrescos, sculptures, and Caravaggio. The second wing consisted of thegift shops where one can buy jewelleries, postcards, books, amongother stationeries. The third wing highlighted the most significantAsian artefacts such as Vietnamese, Japanese, and Chinese cultures.In addition, the wing had spectacular array of ceramics pottery, aswell as the statues that were place way back during Han and MingDynasty’s era. Besides, the wing comprises of Latin Americanexhibits involving the folk art, articles of faith, textiles, andmasks. As we walked through the wing, I would spot a few painting byMexican artists such as Ruffino Tamayo, Diego Rivera, amongst othercollection.

Everywing offered me new information about the history and culture ofdifferent people. I connected the relationship between my experienceand education through the theory of constructivism. Theconstructivism theory define the purpose of learning is to constructknowledge from people’s experiences (Merriamand Bierema, 2014).Through research and constructivism theory, it is evident thateducation is derived from experiences. Through this visit, I provedthis theory correct. Prior the visit, I had very little informationabout history and civilizations. Now, I have more experience from themuseum and its contents hence, am more educated through the visitexperience. This opportunity also helped me to appreciate globalculture and human history.

TheSan Antonio museum encourages adults learning through by encouragingadults’ group visits, gallery talks, lecturers, and classes. Themuseum management organises free curator’s choice gallery talkswhereby the museum curators gives a twenty-five minute talk about themuseum and the works of art in hand. The museum also holds otherspecial exhibitions to educate the adults about museum’scollection, cultures, and artefacts, among other through lectures.For example, offers meditation in the Japanese gallery and sketchingin the galleries. Besides encouraging adult learning, the museum alsoeducate young children from kindergarten to college and universitystudents.


Myexperience visiting the San Antonio museum of art is unforgettable. Ilearnt much more about the history, as well as differentcivilizations through the precious relics and collection of arts.Indeed, this visit increased my knowledge about ancient civilizationsand different cultures. In the future, I plan to visit other museumaround the city to acquire more information which I believe will beof great help to my career. I was much more impressed by the Chineseart from the Asian art collection. In fact, I did not expect to seethese Chinese extensive collections in San Antonio city. That wasabsolutely a pleasurable bombshell. Additionally, I really enjoyedthe Oceania collection and Egyptian collection. Overall, San AntonioMuseum of Art is an excellent museum. I look forward to visit itrepeatedly.


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