Museum Art Work Selection

Museum:Art Work Selection

Museum:Art Work Selection

Differentpeople use different criterion in selecting art works that impressthem. Painting is one of the key types of art that impress themajority. However, the basic factors that should be taken intoconsideration when selecting an art work include the overall quality,medium, and the message being communicated through a given piece ofart (Gordon, 2014). An art work can be selected from a collection ofarts found in museums as well as for-profit galleries. This paperwill provide a discussion of an art work entitles AlBeso Del Sol,which is a piece of painting done by Fernando Llort. The paper willfocus on the description of the art (including its title,composition, and the formal elements), the message that Llort iscommunicating through the art, and give a personal response to thepainting.

Descriptionof the painting

Thetitle AlBeso Del Solwas written in French, but it was later interpreted in English as“Etching Beneath the Sun’s Kiss” (Llort, 1996). AlBeso Del Sol measures12.2 and 9.4 inches in width and length respectively. The paintingwas done on a piece of canvas as the medium. In composition, thepainting consists of different common figures, such as the sun,trees, a woman, and a house. Each figure has its own meaning, butthere is a common message that is communicated by the painter as afocal point of the overall piece of work.

Llortused a combination of different elements to come up with a paintingthat could successfully convey his message. All the common figuresare arranged within the medium in a balanced way. Llort useddifferent geometric figures (such as rectangles, triangles, andcircles), which is in turn accomplished through the combination ofdifferent lines and colors, such as green, blue, and yellow (Llort,1996). Different colors and the distribution give different figuresvarying textures. Most of the common figures are located on the lowerpart of the painting and a space is left between the woman and thesun. The woman takes a bigger proportion of the paining space ascompared to other common figures. In addition, most of the figuresare accomplished by joining different geometric pieces to formpuzzle-like patterns.

Figure1: AlBeso del Sol

Source:Llort (1996)

Messagecommunicated in the painting

Inmost cases, painters do not give a direct interpretation of theirworks, but instead give the viewers some room to derive some messagefrom what they see. Similarly, Llort leaves the role of interpretingAlBeso del Sol toviewers. Albeso del solconveys both religious and traditional beliefs as depicted in thecombination of figures and their arrangement. The woman symbolizesthe Virgin Mary, while her proximity to the heavens is indicated byher nearness to the sun relative to others figures. An interpretationbased on this perspective leads to a conclusion that Llort aimed atrepresenting Catholicism in his painting since the Catholics honorsthe virgin Mary as the link between them and the heavens (Pivarunas,2000). Themantle of the woman spreads out over other figures, which symbolizesher protection over creatures living on earth. The bird in thepainting represents the rapid spread as well as the influence of theCatholic Church on earth.

Thepainting may also represent the Indian belief that crop productionand harvest are determined by nature, which is in turn controlled bysupernatural powers. An interpretation based on this perspectivewould result in a conclusion that the woman represents an Indiangoddess. Her presence between the sky and other figures on earthshows the relationship existing between the supernatural world andthe nature (White, 2014). This implies that creatures on earn canonly maintain harmony by maintaining rapport with the supernaturalworld.

Responseto the painting

Llortmanaged to use a combination of different lines, both straight andcurved ones, different colors and geometric patterns to come up withfigures that would make-up a complete story. For example, thecombination of lines and colors allowed Llort to create threedimensional figures (such as a house) that are overwhelming to theviewers. Different patterns and geometric shapes ensure that the eyesof anyone viewing the painting move around the painting whileanalyzing it piece by piece. This increases the possibility ofcomposing or deriving a complete and a comprehensive story (such asthe spread of Catholicism) from the painting. In addition, Llort’scapacity to combine different aspects of nature (including mountains,birds, and trees) helps him in establish the link between nature andpeople, which is rare to find in modern arts. In essence, Albeso del solis a superb painting whose message is easy to derive.


AlBeso Del Sol isone of the most impressing pieces of art done by Llort. Some of thekey features that make the painting quite fascinating include Llort’sability to combine different colors, lines, and geometric patterns ina way that help the views construct a complete story from thepainting. The most important message conveyed by the painting is therelationship that exists between the supernatural world and thenature. The painting shows that creatures on earth depend on theheavens for protection and provision.


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