Move to LA!

Moveto LA!


Ifyou recently graduated from high school and are applying touniversity, you should definitely apply to a university in LA. LA isdefinitely one of the best and largest cities in world by size andpopulation and also the best in America on various grounds. The city,found western shores of the state of California, which also housesother major cities such as Sacramento, San Francisco and San Jose,has a lot to offer to visitors and new residents.

LAis a big city with a population of over three million people. Such apopulation offers infinite opportunities to network and interact withpeople. The diversity of the population gives you a feel of themodern globalized world away from neighborhoods that you are used to(Arch daily 2013). It is also in this city that you are most likelyto bump into some of the world-famous Hollywood stars. For thoseconsidering a career in acting, then LA might be just what you needdue to its proximity to Hollywood. For other careers, there are othermultinational corporations based in LA. These huge firms operate indiverse industries including fashion, media, telecommunication,fashion, science, sports, technology, education, medicine andresearch. These large firms offer numerous internship and employmentopportunities to students and graduates and thus promise give you anadvantage in being employed by such firms. Additionally, such firmsand even smaller firms offer part time jobs to students to cater fortheir upkeep. Some of the large employers based in the city includeNorthrop Grumman Corp, Kaiser Permanente, Target Corp, ABM IndustriesInc, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. among others.

LAis home to some of the best universities and colleges in the US. Forstudents, this should be the key consideration (Arch daily 2013).They include the University of California LA, University of SouthernCalifornia and California State University among others. There arealso numerous state and community colleges in the city that provide avibrant student life and activities. LA has unique offer in terms ofentertainment. There are numerous museums, cinemas, shopping malls,parks and recreational areas that will ensure that you will neverhave trouble finding a place to relax from your academics onweekends. For sports enthusiast, LA is home to one of the greatestbasketball teams in the US, the LA Lakers. Here you get a chance towatch homes Lakers homes games at the Staples Center. LA offers thebest all year round weather you can think. Forget about wading insnow to get to class. In LA, the average winter temperatures arrangebetween65.5 °F (18.6 °C) and lows of 47.8 °F (8.8 °C) withwarm summers of 76.6 °F (24.8 °C) and 64.2 °F (17.9 °C) (DiscoverLA 2014). This promises use a very unique environment for which tocarry out your studies or relax during the weekend.

Thecity’s infrastructure and housing is one of the best in the world.This is a key concern for every city alongside other concerns (Bettercities now 2012). There are public commuter busses, light commutertrains and high speeds rail tracks that connect the city to otherneighboring cities. There are also several airports that ensure easein travel. In terms of housing, LA has a very healthy offering interms of rental apartments varying in process depending onneighborhood. For instance, in the prestigious HollywoodHills,two bedroom apartments go for less than $2000 while there are somestudio apartments that go for about $500 in other neighborhoods(Discover LA 2014). Security is also tight with crime levels havinggone down considerably in recent years. This makes the cityaffordable to people of varying means.

Fromthe above discussed issues, I believe you are convinced that LA isthe city to be for university students. For young high schoolgraduates, make sure that you make your university life memorable,fruitful and fun by moving to LA. You will not be disappointed.


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