Motivating Generations



Whatmotivates Baby Boomers? What motivates Gen Y?

Bothof these generations are motivated by odyssey. They crave for a rangeof new experiences such as working in another country with newpeople. Second, they like flexibility concerning when, how and whento get work done. Third, they want to understand the meaning andpurpose of challenge at their work. They want to take part in toughtasks that they feel can help them expand their knowledge and skills.Fourth, they prefer working in diverse teams such as having closeassociation with colleagues across the globe. Fifth, they have adesire for altruism. The employees want to work in an organizationthat permits them to give back to the people (Hewlett, 2009).

Whyare they similar?

Thegenerations are similar because 80% of the employees are in facts.They desire to see their employers participating in giving back thecommunity (Hewlett, 2009).

Whatmotivates Gen X? Why?

Themain motivation factor for the generation X is compensation. Thegeneration is highly motivated by the pay-package because it ishighly burdened by expenses such as mortgages, dependants, and losinginvestments (Hewlett, 2009).

Howis Gen X different?

Thegeneration is different from others because compensation is its mainmotivating factor. In fact, it is 23% more likely to be motivated bycompensation than the priorities that drive baby boomers and gen Y(Hewlett, 2009).

Arethere any differences with different ethnic groups acrossgenerations?

Theethnic differences indicate that Gen Y African-Americans andHispanics promote altruism more than other generations. The twoethnicities are highly motivated to work for organizations thatdonate or give back to the society (Hewlett, 2009).

Theyoung African-American professionals prefer one-on-one contact, asthey have no trust in communication using virtual methods such asemails. On the other hand, young Asian professionals prefer email andother virtual communications to face-face to face contact (Hewlett,2009).

Whatare companies doing to increase employee satisfaction with thedifferent generations?

Thecompanies are improving the employees’ satisfaction throughclassifying in groups with similar interest such as a drive to workin an eco-friendly environment. Besides, they provide the managementdoes tap on various motivating factors such as altruism, flexibility,and on-site odyssey when creating the workplace environment (Hewlett,2009).


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