Morphemes refer to the part of a word which can be broken away from the

  1. Morphemes refer to the part of a word which can be broken away from the word and still have a semantic meaning. The main components of a morpheme are phonemes that are the smallest linguistically distinctive units making up sounds and grapheme which are the smallest units that make up a written language. The following are some of the words containing morphemes.

Massachuests.This word is composed of ‘mass’ which refers to a nounrepresenting measured quantity of matter in a body and –achu whichmeans powerful and complete and finally ‘ests’ which refers to ashort subsequence of a cDNA sequence. It also refers to a treatmentmethod aimed at assisting people experiencing psychological problemsby encouraging them to stay in groups.

Theword ‘environmentally’ is made up of morphemes such as ‘environ’which means to encircle or surround an object, -ment which is asuffix forming nouns expressing means or the consequence of an actionand ‘ally’ which implies a friend or a close associate. .

Theword ‘reconditoned’ is also composed of the words ‘-re’ whichis a prefix that implies a repetition of an action, ‘condition’which implies the state of something or an action and ‘ed’ whichis a suffix for past tense of weak verbs.

Theword ‘unidirectional’ is composed of the word ‘uni’ meaningall, ‘direction’ meaning where something is moving to and ‘-al’which implies a suffix that means relating to or associated with.

Theword ‘senseless’is made up of ‘sense’ which means reasonableor creating a sound idea, ‘-less’ which is a suffix implying nothaving or without.

Theword ‘thickeners’ is made up of ‘thick’ which means made oflarge number of people and things located close to each other and‘eners’ which refers to family history.

Theword ‘nationalization’ has ‘nation’ which refers to asovereign region and ‘-ization’ which refers to the suffix foradjectives ending in ‘-ize’.

Theword ‘unpeakably’ is composed of ‘un’ which is a prefixmeaning ‘not’, ‘peak’ meaning highest point in time or valueand ‘ably’ which is an adjective meaning skillfully orcompletely.


Morphologyin words used by Simpsons. Some of the words used by Simpson includethe following:

Embiggenswhich is composed of ‘em’ meaning a method of measuring the widthof a printed matter, by comparing with the height of the type sizebeing used, ‘big’ which is a noun that refers to something largein size and ‘gens’ which refers to a group of families in theancient Rome who have a common ancestry. The word embiggen is a boundmorpheme because it cannot have a meaning as when it is broken downinto its components.

Theword ‘Introubleating’ can be broken down into components such as‘in’ meaning location that is enclosed, ‘trouble’ meaningdifficulty or problem ‘at’ meaning a location or being at aparticular place or position and ‘-ing’ which is a suffixdenoting a verbal action. The word is a free morpheme because itscomponents can mke meanings on their own when the word is broken downinto ‘In trouble eating’. This i.e. because each word in thebroken down form has a meaning where in has a meaning of being in anenclosed area, ‘trouble’ has a meaning of ‘being in difficultyand eating has a meaning which implies ingestion of food.