Middle Childhood


Inthis movie, Peter is nine years old who has a sister Mary. Mary isnow eleven, but they are almost the same height. The two are everarguing with one another. Peter is kid who will never accept defeats,especially being defeated by the sister. Even in school, he alwaysclaims to be older than Mary is since he looks much stronger than shedoes. The boy likes playing football and due to that Peter has nevergot out of an injury. However, Mary seems to be polite. She is akind of girl who seems to be more mature than the brother is. The wayshe thinks and talks defers from Peters’ way of thinking. Maryseems to have gained more fats than Peter in the past few years. Maryis a type of girl who likes to eat and due to that she is an obesegirl. The habit of eating had started when she was seven years old.She also has a problem of seeing. She is a shortsighted girl.

Peterand Marry have come out clearly and shown how the middle childhood,is affected as their growth goes on. Change of behavior has beenshown as Marry, and Peter shows their differences in behavior. Maryis known to be polite while Peter is the other way round. There arealso different types of health problems that the two are goingthrough. Mary is having a problem of her diet. She is having aproblem of eating, and she has increased in size since she has manyfats. She is also having a slight problem whereby she isshortsighted. While Peter has developed many skills, which in turncomes with many of the injuries (Laura, 45)?

Physicaldevelopment is one of the elements that have been shown in the movie.Peter shows the deference between the two as it is clearly shown thatpeter is more muscular than how sister is. It is depicted that thereis a big deference in their height as well, despite their age. Peteris nine years old: two years younger than the sister but he lookstaller than the sister does. It shows how body development is, in themiddle childhood. Body shape is one of the aspects portrayed in thefilm, as Marry is overweight. She began having the habit of eatingwhen she was still young, and the habit grew when she was growing.These physical changes have made Marry not to be an active girl. Shehas felt no attractive with her shape, which has made her to be morethan polite (Laura, 93).

Peteron the other side has been keeping himself busy with many socialactivities such as football. Sports have made him to be more activewith the other kids. Child-organized games with rules have been oneof the things that have kept Peter busy. Rough and tumble plays havebeen some of the things that Peter have. The fights that the two getinvolved are an indication of the type of plays (Laura, 145).

Thefilm has come out and shown how the middle childhood goes throughmany challenges and changes. It clearly shows how the younggeneration develops these changes and thereafter affects them intheir future. The aspects of physical change in the middle childhoodand the general medical health challenges that those young one goesthrough have brought out the real understanding of the changes thegeneration goes through. It has also helped in the betterunderstanding in the study of middle childhood development.


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