Middle Childhood The new Middle life Crisis.


Middlechildhood is fast becoming the worst nightmare many children wouldnot wish to be put through. A movie such as “The 400 Blows” is avery significant reflection of this. The film mainly revolves aroundone young boy known as Antoine, who is the main character in themovie. The film also contains other characters such as Antoine’sparents Claire and Albert Remy. Antoine’s friend in school who isRene is another character who is still in their middle childhood.Antoine’s teacher atdeveloping the character of the children inthevideo and shaping how they lead their lives. They influence thesocial development, emotional development as well as the cognitivedevelopment. For instance, Antoine’s actions are largely shaped bythe kind of upbringing he receives from his parents who argue in thehouse in his presence. (Yahnke, Para 9)

Thefilm has brought out the character in a perceptive manner. Theportrayal of this characters is well versed since their actions havea propagating factor. Antoine’s character is a making of hisparent`s upbringing as much as it is of his relationship with out-of–family forces. The school environment also shapes his character toa large extent. This representation is pretty realistic since manyadults are the result of their childhood experiences and their familybackgrounds.

Socialdevelopment in middle childhood.

Inthe course concept, there are mainly three aspects to be put to testin looking at a child’s development in their middle childhood. Thatis Erickson,which looks at the productive aspect of the child againstthe inferiority part. Self-understanding and self-esteem also comeinto play. Lastly, it analyses the attribution theory. The industryversus inferiority looks at how the industry gives a child ability inmany skills while deficiencymakes a child pessimistic and lacksability to do things well. Antoine is one such child affected by thissince he is pessimistic about his abilities due to the rejection hefaces at school and home.Self-understanding involves the child makingsocial comparisons. Antoine compares himself to other children atschool, and this shapes him behavior and his way of seeing thingsaround him. It also has an effect on his mental capabilities. As theattribute theory explains that there are emotional consequences ofevents and behaviours. Antoine is in juvenile detention for stealinga typewriter to fund his escape from home.( Yahnke, Para 23).

Emotionaldevelopment in middle childhood

Looking at the emotional development in children who are in theirmiddle childhood one will have to look at a number of points.Emotions and regulation, relating to peers and family, tough issue inmiddle childhood are some of the factors to take into account.Antoine in the movie seems not to have his emotions in order. He hiserratic and this may be due to the upbringing he receives since hisstepfather is temperamental. The way his father solves issues withthe young child directly impacts his way of relating with others. Howa small child relates to peers and family is a fruit of theirbackground. In the film, Antoine faces rejection from family anytimehe does anything. He goes to the extent of being locked up with thugand prostitutes and his mother discusses him badly with authorities.The type of family he comes from also shapes his life. The emotionaldevelopment in any child is by and large a contribution of forcesaround him as he grows up. Having a teacher who does not support hiswork at school and punishes him for other peoples mistakes makes itworse.(Yahnke, Para 21).

The video is mainly on the woes of a disillusioned young man. He istrying to chart his way through life and in this process he loseshimself further. The movie gives great insight on how the backgroundof each child shapes their being to a great extent. The centralmessage of this work is to try and show parents that they should showconcern for their children’s welfare.

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