Question: is thinking about thinking. What are some of thebenefits of metacognition and why is it important for doctorallearners to understand their metacognitive processes?


is the process by which learners become aware of their own knowledgeand ability to manipulate, control, and understand their owncognitive processes.

Benefitsof metacognition

Itcreates a platform for self-monitoring, which enable learners toevaluate their outcome in a step-by-step process during their entirelearning process. Self awareness and self monitoring also play a keyrole in helping learn come out as independent individuals who cantake control over their own learning as well as capture skills on howto learn for life. In addition, it develops problem solving andhigher learning skills among learners (Cevat, 2014).

Whydoctoral learners need to understand their metacognitive processes

Doctorallearners need to understand their metacognitive processes in order tomonitor and direct their own learning processes in the right andappropriate manner. These processes help them to be successful intheir work as well as equip them with detailed knowledge on how tohandle learning and life challenges. Metacognitive process furtherhelp such learners become more aware of their thinking processeshence, monitor their learning processes in an effective manner(Cevat, 2014). Undeniably, these processes help students take chargeof their own learning and mostly they know how to handle problematiclearning tasks. These processes also help these learners acquire awide variety of thinking skills that are of immense significance I nhelping them monitor as well as direct their own learning processes.Again, learning these processes help doctoral learners employmetacognitive strategies to derive meaning as well as fix or makeadjustments when something goes wrong. Indeed, metacognitiveprocesses help learners monitor and direct their own learningprocesses in an efficient and appropriate manner.


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