Men are better Workers than Women


Menare better Workers than Women

Menare better Workers than Women

Performanceat work is considered to depend on professional and work relatedskills among other office factors. However, it is important toconsider the variability of such performance in terms of gender. Thisis because there is a suggestion that the gender of a person impactson the level of performance that an individual record at work. Thelink is considered to exist because of the differences that existbetween men and women. These differences include differences indecision making abilities, time management, handling disputes andmanaging change. Due to the existence of the perceived differences,there is suggestion that these differences impact on the performancelevels of workers.

Claim:men are better workers than women because their performance ishigher. This is because the differences between the two genderssuggest that there is a significant variation between theperformances of men over that of women.

However,this assertion is based on some assumptions that are held constantwhen concluding that men are better workers. The first assumption isthat the two genders have the same educational qualification for thesame job that they will be performing. In addition, it is assumedthat the working environment is uniform among the workers, who alsohave the same working experience. It is also assumed that the levelof Intelligence Quotient that the two gender posses is constant.

Evidence:the fact that men conventionally hold positions of high stature inthe society proves the superiority of their performance over thewomen. The holding of such officers is influenced by the performanceof men and a perceived biological weakness of women by the businesscommunity and the social society.

Warrants:compared to men, women undergo some biological processes that tend toinhibit their performance. These biological processes affect thelevel of performance that women present at their workplace, whichplaces the overall performance of the gender behind the men. Amongthe main processes include the monthly menstruation and pregnancy,which are driven by hormones. The influence of hormones during thesetimes influences the behavior and performance of women through variedchanges in the mood, which affects their emotional status. As aresult, women record lower performance than men, especially duringthe times when they are experiencing these processes.

Itis also worthwhile to consider that men have held senior positions inbusiness organizations as well as in the social organizations. Thisdoes not however mean that women do not hold such positions, onlythat it is observable that men hold more positions of higher office,and level, than women. A good example is the few number of womenelected as presidents as compared to men who are the primary holdersof the top office. This observation is the same in many countries,whether they are developed democracies and the developing ones.Through the observation, it is valid to conclude that men are betterperformers than women.

Interms of output and positions, men are perceived to perform betterthan women, especially at work. However, this assertion does notconsider the variations that come into play when evaluating theperformance of different individuals. Therefore, it is assumed thatwork environment, educational qualification, experience andIntelligence Quotient of the two genders is held constant. Therefore,the variation in positions of high offices held by men more thanwomen indicates the superiority of their performance. This isconsidered to be as a result of the biological processes that womenundergo which influence their behavior, emotions and work. Therefore,the conclusion that men are better workers than women is consideredworthwhile.