Maternal and Child Health

Maternaland Child Health


Thegovernment’s role in addressing the issue of sexual behavior amongthe adolescence has attracted much controversy. One reason can belinked with the policies the government is using to address theissue. One such policy is the increase in Federal funding to providefamily planning services and greater access to information regardingthe same (Kotch, 2012). The public, politicians, together with othercritics have condemned this measure by arguing that it could promoteadolescence to becoming more active sexually and a younger age. In myopinion, the issue will never resolve considering the advancement intechnology which has attracted most adolescence in to gettinginformation on sexual behavior.


Thereexist major disparities in maternal and child health. The mostsubstantial reasons for these disparities include lack of insurancecoverage, inadequate public health infrastructure, socio-economicstatus, racism, access to health care and discrimination (Kotch,2012). Ethnic and racial communities are the most affected by thesedisparities caused by a broad array of social health determinants.This issue can be addressed using various strategies. However, themost effective solution would be making certain that all childrenobtain health insurance. It is deemed as being a major predictor ofaccess to care. I believe that the issue of health disparity will beresolved someday. The government, together with other concernedparties, is doing the best in implementing policies and programs tosolve the issue of health disparity.


Ibelieve that the concept of addressing women’s health across thelifespan is necessary. Certainly, understanding health among womenentails scrutinizing their life in a broad way. Each stage of awoman’s life span is characterized by different health concerns.Considering that their health starts at birth, offering the rightnutrition and immunizations is significant during childhood. Duringadolescence and early adulthood, providing awareness of drug use andthe prevention of STI become paramount. Besides, the issue ofreproduction is also addressed. Older women have different healthneeds. Management of chronic diseases and screening of variouscancers become significant. By doing this, health issues concerningwomen would be fully addressed thus promoting health and welfare.


MCHAutism Intervention Research Program is one of the programs that aimat addressing the issues of Children with Special Health Care Needs.The program supports evidence-based practices research in order toenhance both the welfare and health of children suffering from ASD inaddition to other disabilities.


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