Master Graduate School Application of Actuarial Science


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A degree in actuarial science has been my dream since my childhood.My desire and aspiration to become a professional in actuarialscience is informed by various grounds. This is one of the careersthat is upcoming not only in the United States, but also across theworld. Risks in insurance and finance are a common occurrence andhence the need for actuarial science professionals across the world.

My purpose and interest to pursue this career is first informed bymy academic experience. I have a B. S degree in physics andmathematics. This is a strong and essential background in academicsthat will enable me to successfully pursue a degree in actuarialscience. This academic background has equipped with the criticalthinking and analytical skills that are essential for a career inactuarial science.

Data analysis and insurance sectors are increasingly becoming shortof professionals. My choice of an actuarial science major was alsoinformed by my desire to work in data analysis and or the insurancesector. My skills in physics and mathematics, as well as the skills Iwill acquire in actuarial science will be extremely useful in thisfield. Actuarial science will equip me with the necessary analytical,statistical and mathematical skills to assess and manage risk ininsurance. Research has found out that this is one of the fields thatare highly rewarding in terms of salaries. Actuary has been rated asone of the best and highest paid jobs in the United States. Besidesthe high salaries, the fields of data analysis and insurance offerreal life challenge and solutions. Financial risk is an every-dayproblem that faces individuals, organizations and companies each day.Such problems require the services of actuaries who will come up withpractical solutions.

Being a Chinese, one of my wishes is to work back in my country andcontribute towards its economic growth. Due to the numerousinvestments that are coming up in china, it is abundantly clear thatthe insurance sector has a bright future. After the completion of mymajor, I wish to work in the United States for a few years beforegoing back to China. I want to see the development of actuarialscience in china, which will be essential for the insurance industry.

My interest and purpose in this degree has been informed by the jobsecurity and job satisfaction that I will enjoy as a professionalactuary. Research has found that actuaries are the most sought afterprofessionals. The demand for actuaries is extremely high andtherefore job security is guaranteed. It is evident that thefinancial risk is imminent across the world and therefore the demandfor actuaries continue to rise. Additionally, as an actuary, I willhave the opportunity to help people with their financial managementproblems. I have the desire to help people and see the through theirproblems. This will not only reward me in terms of a salary, but willalso give me job satisfaction. This degree will enable me to have apositive impact on the lives of other people through the use of mytalent and skills.

Offering me an opportunity to pursue this degree in actuarialscience will not only be a dream come true, but will be a foundationof a bright and successful future. My commitment in my studies willensure that I work together with my classmates in order to succeed inthis major.