Linguistics 2

Thetwo words fun and funeral as per the context of discussion are notsemantically related as fun is defined as enjoyment, pleasure or athing that gives pleasure and makes one happy. On the other hand,funeral is defined as a ceremony, usually a religious one, forburying or cremating a dead person. The pronunciation of the words onthe other hand clearly defines out the difference in the two wordsand the lack of a root morpheme ‘fun’ for the word funeral. Thepronunciation of the word fun is pronounced as/fʌn /.On the other hand, funeral is pronounced as ˈfjuːnərəl/.

Unlikefun and funeral, the words cat and catalogue possess a morecorrelated relationship in that the word cat acts as a root morphemefor the word catalogue. By this, the orthographic sequence of theword cat is pronounced in the same way in both words. This is to saythat, the pronunciation of the word cat is /kæt / and that of catalogue is / ˈkætəlɑːɡ / having the samepronunciation / kæt / thereby a root morpheme for the wordcatalogue. This is then very different from the case of the words funand funeral.

Itis then ironic that funeral has the first three words as fun whereasthere is no correlation on the two words. The word fun expressespleasure or happiness whereas funeral expresses a sorrowful ceremonyespecially over the part that one has lost a person. Therefore, aconclusive point is drawn that, the two words unlike cat andcatalogue are not semantically related, that there is no rootmorpheme of the wordfun to the word funeral and that the two words are not pronounced inthe same way.