1.Parts of speech

a)The interplanetary witch coven that held séances refused obviouscharity from

theimpeached warlocks.

Theis an adjective, interplanetary is a noun, witch is anoun, coven is a collective noun, that is ademonstrative pronoun, held is a verb, séances is anoun, refused is a verb, obvious is an adjective,charity is a noun, the is an adjective ,impeached isa verb and warlocks is a noun.

b)Snake charmers know that any speckled reptile captures sunlight withits scales.

Snake is a noun, charmers is a noun, know is a verb,that is a pronoun, any is a pronoun speckled isa verb, reptile is a noun capture is a verb,sunlight is a noun, with is a preposition, its is apronoun and scales is a noun.

c)Miniscule traces of zebra blood tainted the awning above the baboonexhibit.

Minisculeis an adjective, tracesis a noun, ofis a preposition, zebrais a noun, bloodis a noun, taintedis a verb theis an adjective, awningis a noun aboveis a preposition theis an adjective, baboonis a noun and exhibitis a noun.


Theinterplanetary witch coven that held séances refused obvious charityfrom the impeached warlocks.

ðiɪntərplænətɛri wɪʧ kʌvənðæt hɛld ɛséances rəfjuzdɑbviəs ʧɛrɪti frʌm

ðiɪmpiʧt warlocks.

b)Snake charmers know that any speckled reptile captures sneɪkʧɑrmɜrz noʊ ðæt ɛni spɛkəld rɛptaɪl kæpʧɜrz&nbsp

sunlightwith its scales. sʌnlaɪtwɪðɪtsskeɪlz.

c)Miniscule traces of zebra blood tainted the awning mɪnɪskjultreɪsəzʌvzibrə blʌd teɪntɪd ði ɑnɪŋ&nbsp

abovethe baboon exhibit.

əbʌvðə bəbun ɪgzɪbɪt&nbsp


Conjoined unproven unenviable

Verb verb verb

Verb verb Af verb Af AF

AF verb Af verb Af verb

un envy

Co join ed. Un prove n. able

b) The rule that derives all plural forms in Ulithian language, thisprocess of repetition of infix when forming a plural is known asreduplication (Sohn &amp Bender 1973). In most of the examplesgiven, infix is reduplicated during forming of plural words. InEnglish language during plural formation, a suffix is added to theword, while in the Ulithian language, infix or a prefix is duplicatedbasing on the given examples.

c)Onset are the beginning sounds of the syllable the ones precedingthe nucleus. The onsets in English are always consonants and thenucleuses are vowels. (Bagemihland Bruce1991). Syllableis a unit of spoken language consisting of a single uninterruptedsound. In Ulithian the beginning sounds in a syllable can be vowelsas in the word ` apulu’.

4.The example below shows, allophones [t] and [s] come from separatephonemes and are not allophones of a single phoneme.

Fitness demonstrate Passionate

fɪtnəs dɛmənstreɪt pæʃənət

5.The two sounds are in complementary distribution, becausethere are no minimal pairs, like this example mboga] ‘vegetable’[ɔmba]‘pray’. Minimal pairs would be like `pat’ and `bat’ wherebythe only difference is their meanings and the initial sounds.





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