Learning Journal Worksheet


LearningJournal Worksheet

LearningJournal Worksheet

Diversityhas been one of the explored concepts in the contemporary humansociety. This is especially considering the effects of globalization,which has ensured that a large number of people move from theirnative areas and go to other parts of the globe either for trade orother escapades. Needless to say, this is bound to come with somefundamental challenges to all parties involved.

Diversityof the Student Population

Oneof the most conspicuous and noticeable aspects in the studentpopulation is the diversity of the student population with regard torace. Indeed, as much as the population is predominantly taken up bya particular race, individuals from other racial backgrounds are alsopresent in different proportions. This means that as much as theyshare a common language in English, there are variations with regardto the manner in which they express themselves or rather the ways inwhich they pronounce certain words (Hale,2004,pp. 36). It goes without saying that such variations have an effecton the accents that are exhibited in their manner of communicating.Nevertheless, the diversity of the individuals in this school allowsstudents to engage in opinion exchange of expectations, views andopinions pertaining to varying situations that pertain to managementissues. The teaching techniques presented in this course, whileinitially challenging, come as the most effective and exciting.

Concernsabout the CC School of Management

Likeany other academic environment, the CC school of Management comeswith a number of challenges or rather opportunities for growth. Oneof the key concerns revolves around the amount of workload with whichone has to deal before the end of the semester. Nevertheless, as muchas the workload is pretty taxing, it imbues in an individual thecapacity to manage his or her time in a manner that enhancesefficiency and effectiveness in the long-term. On the same note, itis often challenging to adapt to the education system in the UnitedStates, especially when one has been primarily exposed to an entirelydifferent system in another country. In my case, I completed myuniversity education almost three decades ago in Kazakhstan. Needlessto say, the system of education has undergone some fundamentalchanges in the entire globe, including Kazakhstan and the UnitedStates. In essence, adopting the new system comes off as prettychallenging. Nevertheless, the diversity offered by the Universitymakes it easy to take up these changes, especially when it is coupledwith the high level of professionalism in the institution.

Academicand Professional Strengths

Thereare varied personal strengths that have come up in my academicjourney in the institution, and ones that would work in my favor bothin the academic and professional front. One of my fundamentalstrengths lies in my communication and presentation skills. In myacademic life, I have realized that I possess the capability forproperly articulating issues in a manner that all individuals wouldcomprehend irrespective of their levels of knowledge. On the samenote, breaking down information and presenting it in a clear andconcise manner comes naturally in my case. It is not surprising,therefore, that I am often charged with presenting information in mydepartment and the company at large especially in instances where themanagement is bound to ask some fundamental questions regarding theprojects that the department is undertaking. Needless to say, the twoskills or strengths complement each other as proper presentation isdependent on the ability of an individual to communicate the message(Dillinger,2004,pp. 34). This is further complemented my capability to listen and beattentive to the minute details that a large number of individualsare likely to ignore. Even in cases where my schedule may be tight, Iam always capable of listening to individuals points of view withoutinterrupting them or even putting in my thoughts regarding the caseat hand. This often gives the person on the other side an opportunityto provide all details and express himself or herself appropriately(Dillinger,2004,pp. 34).

Weaknessesand their Impact on Academics and Professional

Determiningone’s weaknesses is often more difficult than would be the case forstrengths. This is in spite of the fact that every other personnaturally has some weaknesses. Nevertheless, the knowledge of theseweaknesses would come in handy in enabling individuals to improvethemselves. One of my key weaknesses is impatience. More often thannot, I am concerned about results and usually want them as fast aspossible. This often makes me appear insensitive to the feelings andcapabilities of other people, an aspect that is likely to bringconflicts in my relationships with others. On the same note, mystrictness and desire for perfection are substantial weaknesses thatcan stand in the way of forming proper academic and professionalrelationships. Indeed, this makes me come off as pretty uptight andantisocial, thereby imparting negatively on the formation of socialrelationships.

Inaddition, as much as I am a pretty good listener, I am particularlyincapable of trusting a large number of people. Indeed, I operate bya rule that requires me to treat every person with contempt untilthey have proven their trustworthiness.


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