Laws and morality


Lawsand morality



Employershave the right to fire employees when necessary provided they followa legal process. Employees fear such layoffs as they cast doubt onone’s livelihood. In fact, layoffs are a leading cause ofdepression and mental illnesses (Landau, 2014). The constitutionrecognizes that economic, strategic and other nondiscriminatoryreasons are enough legal reasons to lay off workers. Microsoft has inthe last five years carried out massive layoffs without the slightestconsideration of their plight (Bass 2014). This year alone, the firmhas carried out two rounds of layoffs. Although the firm remainsprofitable, the claim that the layoffs are geared towards cuttingcosts does not justify such actions from an ethical point of viewthough the actions remain legal. Given that the firm employsthousands of Americans who have served the firm dedicatedly, it hasan ethical obligation to ensure that these employees have jobsecurity and have means to earn a livelihood. The management of suchfirms should put into consideration their ethical obligation to suchemployees but not just taking actions with far reaching negativeeffect just because it is legal.


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InFlorida, it is illegal to feed the homeless. An article by Briggs(2014) published online by NBC details how a couple was fined andthreatened with jail time for feeding over a 100 homeless people inDaytona Beach and at the Manatee Island Park in Florida. Such an actof kindness is prohibited by the local laws. Interestingly, this isone very noble human act. Helping the needy is not only a moral valuein various cultures, religions and societies, but it is also seen asone of the core characteristics that separate human beings fromanimals. To ban such humane activities will create a barbaric societyand lead to degradation of other moral values. Therefore, there isneed to revaluate such laws to make them reflect societal morals andethics.


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