Lab 6 pre lab

Lab6 pre lab

  1. hypothesis about the physical nature of the RCR not yet tested in lab

-Temperatureof the water differ with different sites of RCR

  1. Experiment for the hypothesis

  1. Record the temperatures of a location, 3km up from the mouth of the stream using a Taylor recording thermometer.

  2. Take additional temperatures using a pocket thermometer at different sampling locations and note their distance as you moth downstream

  3. Record the distance and their corresponding temperatures.

  1. Graph to use in this experiment

Aline graph- this will be the most appropriate considering that atrend will come up across the distance of RCR. It is expected thatwater at edges will be much cooler than the water at the middle ofthe river. The width of the river will be measured as on three pointsand an average taken. The graph will constitute the temperatureagainst distance from the river bank.