Journal 1 Being Optimistic

Journal1: Being Optimistic

&quotEachnew year is a surprise to us. We find that we had virtually forgottenthe note of each bird, and when we hear it again, it is rememberedlike a dream, reminding us of a previous state of existence. Howhappens it that the associations it awakens are always pleasing,never saddening reminiscences of our sanest hours? The voice ofnature is always encouraging&quot (Thoreau194).

Optimismis a powerful vehicle that will drive someone up the hills ofdiscouragement and scorn. There is a power that resides within us.When we activate our inner senses, there is a small voice that speaksafter the giants. The giants express the impossibility and defeat.Since there is no appreciation and no present reward, it looks likethe end of the road. Every engagement is measured by the fruits itwill bear both at present and in the future. The future benefit isnot visible by those without the right vision.

Whateverwe do does not pass the eyes of the nature, and when the right timecomes, nature comes with its reward. It does not pay to do things forpeople to see, rather, it pays for it for the benefit of those whocannot see you doing it. Thousands will tell you that you cannot makeit. There is no plateau yet, and it is only created in the mind. Thejourney has never been smooth, but the tough will keep walking. Thephysical energy is never enough to sustain you although. It is onlythe inner energy that supplies your strength when you are done. Walkwith a positive heart and a strong spirit. Those who present athousand reasons to give up should be confronted with ten thousandreasons to move on. Positive contribution cannot be made without apositive mind.

Journal2: Human Life and Diversity


“Man is a past phenomenon to philosophy. Some rarely go outdoorsmost are always at home at night”(Thoreau84).

Humanlife is characterized by diversity. People differ in race, religion,education excellence, marital status and places of residence, amongothers. A bigger categorization that cuts across the whole worldexists and separates between the poor and the rich. Thoreau`s errorhas presented a man that sleeps in a cave, but the modern society haspeople sleeping in the caves too. It was unusual for you to see a mansleep in a cave. Unless someone lacks a home, it is needless forsomeone to sleep in a cold cave all night alone. We live in asociety, with rational human beings created and loved by God.Everyone has a responsibility to take care of each other within thecommunity. It is so even in the world of today.

Severalpeople lack homes. There are several street families sleeping in thecold, hungry and uncomforted. One can doubt whether the localcommunity, the government and the world can take care of thoseneglected in the community. If compassion drives people, they couldnot let anyone spend the night in the cold, helpless. How could thegovernment and the most able individuals take the initiative torescue those in such conditions? Everyone has the ability andeveryone has space. All of us can take a positive step towardschanging the world of the less privileged and bring them to a levelthey can enjoy the life and the creation that God has placed aroundthem.

Journal3: Loving Nature


&quotAcatbird has her nest in our grove. We cast out strips of white cottoncloth all of which she picked up and used. I saw a bird flying acrossthe street with so long a strip of cloth, or the like, the other day,and so slowly that at first I thought it was a little boy’s kitewith a long tail&quot (Thoreau194).

Weall love and appreciate nature. Nothing is beautiful without thebeauty of nature. The world presents us with every beautiful thing.Birds sing in the morning ushering the beauty of the new day. Theblazing of the leaves of the trees and their artistic mixture ofcolors, inspire our feelings and thoughts and lives with awe andamazement. The waters flow down the stream, passes under the bridgeand makes its way to the sea. The rolling waves of the ocean make uspowerless and small. No one has seen a straight river because thebeauty of the flowing water was concealed in the meandering path.

Theingenuity, power and sheer beauty of the nature is constantlyfascinating to mankind. Sometimes we treat one another with cruelty,but when we look at the animals of the forest, we can`t stop toquestion our stupidity and arrogance. We can several lessons aboutthe nature. This awe will lead us to questions of whether thesewonders came by themselves or whether they were created. Hopefully,we can learn to appreciate the environment in which we live.Afterwards, I believe we can change our actions in the way we treatthe environment. The lessons we draw can teach us how to dispose ofthe waste, the plastic bags we use every day, the smoke we releaseand the chemicals we channel to the beautiful rivers.

Journal4: Self-Awareness and Reflection


&quotIwant to go soon and live away by the pond, where I shall hear onlythe wind whispering among the reeds&quot (Thoreau194).

Takinga break from the normal activities and taking time to reflect helpsrestore individual`s spirits. When our minds are in a rest mode, theinterconnectivity of our brain functions the best. Most of the timeswe tend to focus on the external matters that are happening withinour environment. We can make better judgments when at rest. In fact,the best ideas flow in the mind when it is at rest. There is moreself-awareness when the mind is at rest because there are little orno interruptions. It is good to pursue education. We learn so muchthroughout the education system. We acquire the knowledge that hasbeen transferred from one generation to another. New knowledge comes,and we always set our minds to receive it. Much attention is focusedon education in the outside world at the expense of the innerreflective skills. However, we should realize the strength in theinner knowledge.

Weneed the power of reflection in order to build on our perceptions andinterpretation of the knowledge we encode from the environment. Thepower of reflection is one important thing that we need to buildourselves. The inner energies will be revitalized when they arebacked by the power of reflection. It is the time to turn inward andhelp our children become successful in building reflective skills thesame way we emphasize skills in education. Children should be taughtto create a balance between the outward learning and the innerlearning. Normal lessons in schools should be followed by children`squite time to bolster inward success. Inner reflection will help usfocus and transfer the knowledge gained through education, to a newcontext and apply it appropriately.

Journal5: The best from Life


Weare conversant with only one point of contact at a time, from whichwe receive a prompting and impulse and instantly pass to a new seasonor point of contact. A year is made up of a certain series and numberof sensations and thoughts which have their language in nature&quot(Thoreau180).

Raindropsfall from the sky, reminding me of the tears of the past days. Theslashes as the sky turned gray. Al I do is to try and get the bestout of this abyss of life. We learn from the mistakes made yesterdayas we prepare for a brighter to tomorrow. The leaves sprout withgreenery and in their season, and they turn gray and eventually fall.Everyone keeps a record of opening and conclusion of the seasons.

Thestorm clears before the rainfall. In life, we take chances and makebold steps with expectations that tomorrow will bring us happiness.When the reward for today does not come, we present several reasonsfor trying again and again because we vowed not to give up. We endurehardships and promise to fight and continue the journey despite theinjuries we suffer on the way. It will not be easy to forget theoccasions that bring us happiness, including birthdays, Valentine andcollege and school graduations. The hearts are prepared to love, andrelationships are nurtured as the big day waits to witness thebiggest life union.


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